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Bramble overnerfed
04-05-2013, 02:08 PM
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RE: Bramble overnerfed
(04-05-2013 12:33 PM)TheGoldenGriffin Wrote:  
(03-27-2013 04:37 AM)TheGoldenGriffin Wrote:  What about thorn patches can't attack but it can inflict 1 damage to any unit that physically attacks it? So units like soldiers, heavies, and scramblers get pricked by the thorns but units like snipers and bombshells don't cuz they're attacking at a distance. That way, Bramble can't go thorn patch spamming and kill your medics and snipers.

This seems really fair.

I agree. And it also, IMO, keeps to the spirit of the original bramble (which was to build up a defense and work your units around it)

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