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Team Apple vs Team Cheese Tournament - Time to Feast
05-02-2014, 02:54 AM
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RE: Team Apple vs Team Cheese Tournament
Ill sign up!
GC Extreme Ghost

Lol I'd so joined team fruit love mangos.bananas,watermelons,pineapples!!!why couldn't it be team pineapple!! But I truly hate apples XD
And for that reason I'd like to join team cheese! Fave food with In coronation of cheese? cheeseburger! With pepper jack cheese!!

You can rip the wings and the horn off a Mobi and try to force it to be a normal whale..But deep down the the Mobi will always be a mobi and you can never hide the scabs Never let anyone try to force you to change!
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RE: Team Apple vs Team Cheese Tournament - Extreme Ghost - 05-02-2014 02:54 AM

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