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Noob Needs Answers to Possibly Dumb Questions
04-11-2014, 02:49 PM
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RE: Noob Needs Answers to Possibly Dumb Questions
(04-11-2014 11:46 AM)Extreme Ghost Wrote:  
(04-11-2014 08:25 AM)[PETA] Doodat Wrote:  
(04-11-2014 08:02 AM)Poc 13 Wrote:  This might have come up in our last friendly, there are different strategies and styles of play in the different races. On glitch in particular it is best to be feedback, the reason for this is you can brainwash a unit at the bridge(middle of map) and kill a sniper

This is debatable, I think Scallies are pretty nice on this map, definitely at least par with Feedback.

I'd have to agree with doodat on that one

I'd say clans are a great way to meet other players. players who are truly trying to help you and want you to get better

As for strategy for species specific maps I'd say it's less about what map ur on and more about what team ur using and what team ur opponent is using
For example ~Poc13 likes feedback on glitch and doodat likes scallywags
Lets say thay play eachother and lets say there = in skill but because of gaps and narrow paths that can easily be blocked lets say doodat wins because his bombshell shoots over all that wile the scrambler has to be next to its target

Same example doodat and poc13 are battling it out on glitch agin but poc13 uses adorable's this time wile doodat stuck with scallywags this time Poc13 is ready for bombshell because he has set up snipers in key spots with mobi and has been clearing paths with hit'n'run gorilla warfare tactics poc13 won because bombshells lack of ability to attack and move unlike mobi+sniper

Just an example basically the point I mumbled on about trying to make is IMO maps in 1vs1 don't give a big enough edge to any one species to counter the edge certain species have over eachother so in short yes you can run a similar strategy with each team on each map ( wouldn't recommend it) but a lot of players use a cookie cutter opening thay seen in a 100 ST vids every time thay play and it works a lot of the time but it can backfire big time if ur opponents start innovating and has come up with a solid counter! So I recommend if you want to improve ur skills instead of watching vids and reading “top secret" tactics that will teach you cookie cutter playing styles which all get countered by players who just wing it is to join the wolf pack erm... I mean join a clan make some friends then challenge them Rawr! Nothing improved my skill more than getting whooped by great ant over and over and over.. And wing it that way instead of copying other players styles you find ur own and who knows other ppl may start copying you Smile

Obviously a cookie cutter strategy can be countered, but the trick to these kinds of rushes is that you are banking on your opponent never having seen it before. Especially in gifted league, you get matched up against many different people, and when you play someone the chances are they have never seen the rush before, so they won't know what to do.

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RE: Noob Needs Answers to Possibly Dumb Questions - Flarp55 - 04-11-2014 02:49 PM

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