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Noob Needs Answers to Possibly Dumb Questions
04-11-2014, 06:17 AM (This post was last modified: 04-11-2014 06:38 AM by (Rone).)
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RE: Noob Needs Answers to Possibly Dumb Questions
(04-10-2014 11:37 PM)[PETA] Doodat Wrote:  I'm not one for personal benefit, I just like helping other people if I can.

Maybe your heart is in the right place and that is what your saying however the above quote is an Oxymoron.

If you can separate things in this game via categories I would say yeah there are map specific strategies, team specific strategies.

I think the above advice to join a clan is your best bet. Just make sure your clan is active.

I believe GG, wolfpack and DL are active.

P.S. To answer your question more directly without going into details, each map has their strong points and best ways to approach an advance. Each team has a general strategy in which to be played. Scallywag's can be most effective with defensive play. Mobi can be most effective offensively. Idk about feedback, maybe I could explain them as them needing a combination of both offensively and defensively at the given right time.

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