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Why can't we have an undo button again?
01-30-2014, 05:39 PM
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RE: Why can't we have an undo button again?
Alex / Adam - Thanks for this game, which is without a doubt the best IOS game ever made!
I hope you read this:

I agree that an undo button is not an option. Also, FOW makes it too complicated!

I think we need to focus more on how to avoid not intended moves / attacks ! The confirmation dialog needs improvement in my opinion. At least you have the opportunity to turn on a "Move confirm Dialog", but this could be better. The hexagon you want to move to, should be marked better! Also, the move confirm dialog pops up in front of the marked hexagon, which makes the overview bad.
Regarding attacks, this is much worse. There is no confirm dialog when attacking. Once you hit the little fist icon, there is no way back! This can be a problem, ESPECIALLY on the iphone! Man.. have I made some mistakes tapping the wrong fist icon! Recently I tapped a soldier instead of a Scrambler, which made me lose a game.
I think there must be some sort of confirm dialog on attacks, so that there is ABSOLUTELY no doubt which unit you attack when you confirm.

I play on both iPad and iPhone. The problem is not that big on the iPad. But when I am on the road, I want to take turns on my iPhone Smile
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01-30-2014, 05:45 PM
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RE: Why can't we have an undo button again?
I've decided that whether something done is a mistake or an accident is, in my opinion, irrelevant. The risk of someone abusing an undo feature is also irrelevant because they can't possibly gain any information from such a feature, which in this case is the only thing that matters. The only issue I see with such abuse comes from whether or not the feature is server side or client side. Since most of Outwitters is client side already, I don't see why the feature can't also be client side other than hackers, which are already a problem with this game for one, and for another hacking the way a core piece of gameplay works is significantly harder than simply giving yourself more wits as our current hackers like to do. Besides, if such a hack(er) existed (allowing undos even if the FoW is affected) why wouldn't it/they just remove the FoW entirely? (which can already be done conceivably)

My solution to the abuse issue, despite my argument that such abuse doesn't matter, however, is to only allow one undo action per turn, or possibly per game. The occasions on which someone will be able to use the undo action will be limited anyway: Someone has to make a move they don't like without it affecting the Fog of War. Of the game losing misplays I've made lately, I think all of them affected the FoW, meaning I still would have lost because an undo would have been impossible. I did however know I'd misplayed after a single action (like spawning a unit or attacking), so if those misplays had NOT affected the FoW I could have undone them and done what I'd intended. However with only one precious undo per game/turn I would not just callously spawn units or attack things just to see how it plays out.

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02-08-2014, 08:17 AM
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RE: Why can't we have an undo button again?
Cool discussions... Even philosophical!
From reading the above and game experience, most errors occur at spanning and attacking. I like current game control as I hate stupid confirmations. But a double click or something would be preferable as a solution to prevent it (first: highlight unit, second spawn or attack), a pop-up would bother me too often.
But I like playing for fun... Even if it lost me several tight league or world cup games. DOH!
And the cost:benefit would not be good... Would not advice that to invest in.

Just think of the positive side of it: if you loose a game by mistake you have excuse, if you win after your own mistake you can feel heroic! ;-)

Enjoy the game, all! Cheers
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