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2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Grand Final]
12-12-2013, 11:20 AM (This post was last modified: 10-21-2014 08:12 AM by Torbreck.)
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2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Grand Final]

Torbreck and Awpertunity are pleased to bring to you

The 2014 Outwitters World Cup!

The history of this event so far:
1st World Cup was won by Alvendor (Sweden)
2nd World Cup was won by poweewee (Philippines)

In January 2014 the next instalment of this great event will be held and at stake is the chance to claim the title of Outwitters World Cup Champion for you and your country. The US has been runners up both times; will this be their year to stand atop the podium?

Not only is pride for your country at stake but in this tournament there will also be prizes on offer. Torbreck will be sponsoring a prize for 1st / 2nd and 3rd place plus the Plate prize.

1st Prize: $150
2nd Prize: $100
3rd Prize: $50
Plate prize: $50 (see below)

Prizes will be in the form of a monetary gift / debit card in USD or (if appropriate) equivalent foreign currency depending on the country of the recipient.

Important disclaimer - this competition and the prizes are NOT sponsored by One Man Left and as such they are in no way responsible for the prizes or outcome of the competition.

All competitors that reach the round of 16 will be required to provide name, email and address details in order to receive prizes.

The World Cup competition is open to players of any level.

The first 96 entrants will be accepted. The seeding for pool placement will be based on top 200 ranking and thereafter your tier (e.g. Masters / Gifted etc), division ranking (e.g. #1) at the conclusion of season 3 and then current division ranking.

The second generation Maps and the Uber pack are required to participate.

You must be over the age of 13 to participate and prize winners under the age of 18 will required to provide parental contact details in order to receive their prize.

Pools and assigned maps will be published on 14th January 2014 and the competition will commence thereafter.

The Competition

The format of the competition is designed such that you will need to have expertise with more than one race, however you will not necessarily have to play equally with every race.

Players will be seeded and grouped into 16 Groups of 6 players each. Each player will play the other 5 players twice (Once each as P1 and P2)

A Match is a pair of games (2 games) against the same player so there will be 5 matches per player for a total of 10 games.

A win means you beat the same opponent twice, a draw means you won one but lost the other, and a loss means you lost both games against the same opponent.

PF - Points For (Base damage done to opponents)
PA - Points Against (Base damage taken from opponents)
+/- - Point Differential (PF minus PA)
PTS - Points (A Win is worth 2 PTS, a Draw is worth 1 PTS, and a Loss is 0 PTS.)

Note that a win by wiping out the opponent's units and blocking spawns will count as 5 PF (same as destroying their base)

The top 2 players of each group will advance to the 32-person single-elimination tournament. Ranking among each group is determined by (in order):

1. PTS
2. Head-to-head +/-
3. +/-
4. Neustadtl score

Race Restriction - you may not use the same race more than 3 times in the 10 group games.

The top 32 contestants from the group matches will then face off in a series of best-of-3 Elimination Rounds. Beginning with the Round of 32 then Round of 16, to the Quarter Finals and then Semi Finals. The position in which a player finishes in the Group matches will determine who they play in the RO32.

Two games will be played on one map (each player as P1) and the third game will be played on a different map.
The choice of P1/P2 in the 3rd game will be decided by this set of criteria (based on the previous 3-game elimination final set):
The player that

1. Wins 3 from 3 or;
2. Finishes with the highest +/- Point Differential or;
3. Has the lowest amount of turns in any one game to achieve a win or;
4. Is the higher seed.

In the Round of 32 it will be the player that finished at the top of their group.

The player that has the right to chose P1/P2 in the 3rd game will be made clear as each Elimination Final match is announced.

There is no loser's bracket / no redemption island! Once you lose a best-of-three Elimination Final set then that is it (with the exception of the Semi Final - see below)

The 2 winners of the Semi Final will proceed to the Grand Final

Race Restriction - you must use a different race in for each game in each set of 3 Elimination Final matches.

The grand final will be played out as a best of 5 with the eventual winner crowned and duly rewarded
There will be 2 games on 2 maps (each player as P1 / P2) and then the 5th match - if required - will be played on a 3rd map with P1 determined as per the Elimination Finals.

3rd Place and 4th place (the losers of the Semi Final) will duke it out similarly over 5 games for the 3rd place reward.

Race Restriction - you may not use the same race more than 2 times in the Grand Final games.

The Plate Competition will be run in parallel and will be contested by all players that are seeded from Rank 33 downwards

The 64 players in this group will compete as normal through the main competition, with the 8 players that proceed the furthest in the competition (including winning the main Cup competition should that happen!) competing in a separate Quarter-final, Semi-final and Grand final series of their own. (The maps and conditions will be the same as that of the main Cup).

The 8 players that will contest the Plate will be determined by the following criteria (evaluated in this order until 8 individual players are identified)

1. Proceeding to furthest stage in the semi finals / finals
2. The most number of wins in the semi-finals
3. The highest Group Ranking
4. Greatest single differential win by seeding (i.e. if #50 beats #30 that is 20)
5. Greatest total differential wins by seeding

Any player that loses by time-out at any stage in the competition will not be eligible for the Plate finales regardless of their position.

Additional Rules

In order to ensure that the games move along quickly the technical time-out will be set at no more than 3 days. If the game timer shows "4 days ago" it will be considered a time-out loss.

Choosing the wrong race
If you accidental choose the wrong race in a game as P1 then, before making your second move you may resign and restart. If you move any pieces in your second move then the game is considered live.

If you chose the wrong race as P2 then before making any moves in your first turn you may restart ONLY If YOUR OPPONENT CONSENTS. If you move any pieces or your opponent does not consent then the game is considered live.

0.5 points will be deducted for race violation.

Starting Games
All games for the Group Matches must be started by Sun 9th February and played concurrently. Any games not started by this time will be counted as a loss (unless prior arrangement has been made with the organisers for extra time). Note that the time limit has been increased slightly to recognise the larger pool sizes and ensure that a fair chance is given to all players in all circumstances.

The 3 Elimination Final games must be started within 7 days of both competitors of that set being determined and published on the forum.

Request for Extra time
If a player is unable to start a game within the time frames they may make a request for extra time to the organisers and these will be considered individually.

Absent/Missing players
If for any reason a player fails to start any of his/her matches in the pool matches they may be replaced by another player on the standby list.
If a player is absent after making at least 1 move in any of their games then they will not be replaced and all remaining games will be counted as a loss. Any games they may have won will still stand.
If a player does not show for a Elimination Final match then they will be replaced by either the loser of their previous Elimination Final they were in or the next person from their group (in the case of the RO32).

Conduct by any players that is considered (in the unanimous decision of the organisers) to be contrary to the competition and the game including hacking etc. will be expunged from, or denied entry to the competition.

For full transparency Torbreck and Awpertunity will both also be competing in this competition, if any decision or disputes arises concerning either then it will be dealt with by the other, or, if required, a nominated high ranking impartial player.

Check the Forum
Players are requested to check the Forum regularly for updates and announcements

Lastly, and above all - have fun! and good luck!!!!

Participants (Final, by seed)
    Top 200
  1. poweewee - Rank 1 (PHI)
  2. LER4T - Rank 2 (FRA)
  3. blckace - Rank 3 (KSA)
  4. Alvendor - Rank 3.5 (SWE)
  5. Terenceshiu2005 - Rank 3.5 (HKG)
  6. ===Torbreck=== - Rank 4 (AUS)
  7. joelduque - Rank 5 (PHI)
  8. His_Daddy - Rank 6 (CHN)
  9. Trumpet.alan - Rank 8 (CAN)
  10. awpertunity - Rank 9 (JPN)
  11. Mag!cGuy - Rank 10 (FRA)
  12. Hembergler - Rank 11 (USA)
  13. Cor13:4 - Rank 12 (USA)
  14. Pharmafan - Rank 13 (GER)
  15. GreatGonzales - Rank 14 (USA)
  16. GoHeat3 - Rank 15 (USA)
  17. Sharugames - Rank 17 (NED)
  18. -Japsie- - Rank 20 (NED)
  19. jenmin0 - Rank 22 (USA)
  20. hifimatlock - Rank 24 (USA)
  21. ^thrutchy^ - Rank 26 (USA)
  22. amoffett11 - Rank 29 (CAN)
  23. white dr4gon - Rank 32 (GER)
  24. game_taker - Rank 35 (CAN)
  25. pytosz - Rank 47 (POL)
  26. annemariew28 - Rank 48 (NED)
  27. DeJosselin - Rank 53 (NED)
  28. Uyduruk00 - Rank 59 (TUR)
  29. -Fammo- - Rank 64 (AUS)
  30. Pastil* - Rank 79 (PHI)
  31. jesusfuentesh - Rank 80 (VEN)
  32. Chas3r 926 - Rank 85 (USA)
  33. slambop - Rank 96 (USA)
  34. Bobolynx - Rank 105 (USA)
  35. RandyDogz - Rank 114 (CAN)
  36. Aginor8 - Rank 115 (USA)
  37. AllIdooisRush - Rank 127 (USA)
  38. Mari BK - Rank 128 (NED)
  39. Husky Pete - Rank 164 (USA)
  40. GendryStorm - Rank 194 (PHI)
  41. TheGreatErenan - Rank 198 (USA)

  42. Thcdoremi - Rank 1 (USA)
  43. Turbo Shred - Rank 2 (USA)
  44. norahsul - Rank 3 (ROC)
  45. 23swarm - Rank 4 (USA)
  46. chezedude - Rank 4 (USA)
  47. lawtai - Rank 5 (USA)
  48. Blackfella4283 - Rank 5 (FIJ)
  49. Quazioo13 - Rank 6 (USA)
  50. Profe32 - Rank 11 (USA)
  51. xerozen - Rank 14 (USA)
  52. harvarnold - Rank 20 (USA)
  53. poc 13 - Rank 24 (USA)
  54. pookywb - Rank 26 (USA)
  55. **MissMarvel** - Rank 28 (CAN)
  56. mr_13en - Rank 31 (USA)
  57. -DuMonster- - Rank 35 (USA)

    2v2 ST
  58. paco bru (ESP)
  59. 4munt (ESP)

  60. frosty6731 - Rank 1 (USA)
  61. firstnamethat - Rank 1 (GBR)
  62. thomassssss - Rank 1 (NED)
  63. sancho*panza - Rank 1 (CRC)
  64. Yukfuj5 - Rank 2 (JPN)
  65. Flarp55 - Rank 2 (USA)
  66. spacechef - Rank 3 (USA)
  67. ShAdOw.* 198 - Rank 3 (MAS)
  68. jchris98 - Rank 4 (USA)
  69. Nezo Shins - Rank 4 (SIN)
  70. rackel j - Rank 4 (USA)
  71. red0rca - Rank 4 (AUS)
  72. hobbes rule - Rank 5 (USA)
  73. izzilla - Rank 5 (USA)
  74. Ishaanc87 - Rank 8 (GBR)
  75. kace98 - Rank 9 (USA)
  76. S59200 - Rank 9 (FRA)
  77. Furged - Rank 9 (USA)
  78. jlkplay - Rank 11 (USA)
  79. cosh2000 - Rank 12 (GBR)
  80. wbgoldsmith - Rank 12 (USA)
  81. Renzo818 - Rank 13 (GBR)
  82. GarbonzoKingdom - Rank 15 (USA)
  83. Brioriy - Rank 15 (RUS)
  84. Dovmiester - Rank 17 (USA)
  85. Juslas - Rank 19 (FIN)
  86. spidey911 30 - Rank 21 (USA)
  87. olsonater1 - Rank 29 (USA)
  88. ZepRamble - Rank 31 (CAN)
  89. Vuvuzaela - Rank 31 (USA)
  90. TheGense - Rank 33 (GBR)
  91. DrLASR - Rank 50 (CAN)
  92. Raspe316 - Rank 58 (USA)
  93. henrygg98 - rank 69 (USA)

  94. didgeralien - Rank 10 (USA)
  95. Turtlepants215 - Rank 59 (USA)

  96. gyzn - Rank 1 (SUI)

Super-Titan Top 200: #5
GCID: ===Torbreck===
King of the Hill
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12-12-2013, 11:21 AM (This post was last modified: 01-28-2014 09:55 AM by awpertunity.)
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RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
Tournament seed determined by end of Season 3 League Points and Ranking.

Top 200 seeds determined by this list.

Attached File(s)
.pdf  WWC_2014_Group.pdf (Size: 17.21 KB / Downloads: 314)
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12-12-2013, 11:42 AM
Post: #3
RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
I'd love to play if you are really open to all levels.

GCID: Husky Pete
Top 200: 164
Country: USA

Do we update our top 200 as it changes?

I've got a couple weeks to get good now! Help?

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12-12-2013, 11:44 AM
Post: #4
RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
GCID: lawtai
Ranking: Masters (in and out of top 200)
Country: USA

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12-12-2013, 11:59 AM
Post: #5
RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
Gc id: jchris98
League: gifted
Representing 'murica (USA)

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12-12-2013, 12:02 PM
Post: #6
RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
GCID: Flarp55
Ranking: Gifted #2 in Season 3, Season 4 still unstable but in gifted

RIP, these forums

Lost the game
LegacyofFive the goat

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12-12-2013, 12:04 PM
Post: #7
RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
GCID: His_Daddy
Ranking: 6
Country: China
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12-12-2013, 12:17 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2013 12:29 PM by TheQwertiest.)
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RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
GCID: Pastil*
Ranking: TOP200 #79
Country: Philippines

man.. i was so happy to see that both torbreck and awpertunity were organizing. i thought that meant that they wouldnt participate. :))
would have been -2 on the impossible to beat list. hehe

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Anonymous Clan
GC: Pastil*
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12-12-2013, 12:18 PM
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RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]

GC name: amoffett11
1v1 Super-Titan
2v2 with .Memories. and 2v2 random Master League

Until you stalk and overrun you can't devour anyone
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12-12-2013, 12:31 PM (This post was last modified: 12-13-2013 03:49 AM by spacechef.)
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RE: 2014 Outwitters World Cup! [Registrations Open]
gifted #3

Live your life as more than plastic.
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