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Even Though I Loved This Game, I Quit
03-15-2013, 04:41 AM
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RE: Even Though I Loved This Game, I Quit
(03-13-2013 05:43 AM)chommie Wrote:  Wether brambles are overpowered or not is irrelevant. I think we should be discussing how painful and boring playing against a Veggienauts player who spams brambles all game is.

Its a tedious chore. It makes playing an Outwitters game similar to doing your taxes. Its a pain and worse, BORING. I stopped playing outwitters shortly after Veggienauts initially came out, and i felt Veggienauts 1.0 was underpowered. It just instantly became uninteresting.

Now with the most recent changes it seems that its an easy tactics to use and win with, compared to having to win with the other factions by relying more on strategy To be fair i havent played the last two patches much at all so i could be wrong in my most recent observations. I tried, was just instantly reminded of why i stopped playing in the first place.

The bramble mechanic goes against the spirit of outwitters imo(seriously clashes IMO).

Pre Brambles Outwitters was elegant well thought out design. Fast moving turnbased strategy. Simple set of rules combining to create deep deep strategy. Brilliant stuff.

Now i feel its handicapped... sigh.
Interesting. I can't say I totally disagree. I definitely wouldn't be heartbroken if bramble went away.
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03-15-2013, 06:28 AM
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RE: Even Though I Loved This Game, I Quit
I'm not a high level player and I have been playing Veg since I got the game last month. Although you might say I'm not skilled enough to comment, a fresh face that is not encumbered by "the good old days" might be worth listening to.

I think of a bramble unit as a typical unit with 1 attack, 3 hit points and 2 movement points... That happens to leave a spawn point behind itself when it moves. Being able to spawn and move a unit like that for only 1 wit is pretty powerful. However, I think the real power of the bramble, the thing that makes it overpowered, is the fact that, given enough wits, one bramble can reach any point on any board in ONE turn. No other unit can do that, no matter how many wits the player has.

That said, this change has allowed Veg players to be much more aggressive than they used to and as someone upthread alluded to, when the little kid in the playground suddenly starts beating up the bigger kids, everybody will get upset about the change in the status quo.
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