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Super-Titan Replay Archive (Previous Versions)
12-11-2012, 04:21 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2012 10:50 AM by CombatEX.)
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Super-Titan Replay Archive (Previous Versions)
Super-Titan Replay Thread [Archived]

Now that CodePenguin has provided the functionality of the Super-Titan Replay Thread in Outwitters Sports Network, this will serve as an archive of the old Super-Titan Replay Thread. The current thread is now for discussing Super-Titan replays submitted to OSN.


[Image: supertitanreplay.png]

Personally I've found one of the best ways to learn in these types of games (RTS/TBS) is through watching good players.

So, anyone willing to share their Super-Titan vs Super-Titan replays?

As a guideline it would be helpful for you to include the map name and races of the players.

Replays will be listed in the order they are found. Newest replays will be at the top of each list. I will try to update them on a daily basis. All replays added since my last major update will be labeled NEW.

Basic Replay Quality Rating
Most current rankings taken from Top 200 Players*
[***] Both players in top 25
[**] Both players in top 50
[*] Both players in top 100
[x] At least one player not in top 100

Sharkfood Island
NEW [*] heycoolkidheycoolkid (A) vs $tugot$ (V)
NEW [***] burnodrod (A) vs ren8585 (S)
[**] burnodrod (A) vs heycoolkidheycoolkid (A)
[*] alanthefast (F) vs heycoolkidheycoolkid (A)
[***] garcia10000 (S) vs p1noyboypj (S)
[***] heycoolkidheycoolkid (S) vs garcia10000 (S)
[**] alanthefast (S) vs GreatGonzales (S)

Long Nine
NEW [*] Eijolend (V) vs jacs9 (S)
NEW [***] burnodrod (A) vs ren8585 (S)
[*] randrc (S) vs Eijolend (A)
[***] heycoolkidheycoolkid (S) vs p1noyboypj (S)
[***] Terenceshiu2005 (S) vs ..Sir3.. (F)

[***] burnodrod (A) vs p1noyboypj (S)
[**] heycoolkidheycoolkid (V) vs Da Wizerd (S)

NEW [***] joelduque (S) vs pokhs (S)
NEW [***] joelduque (S) vs pokhs (S)
NEW [***] Terenceshiu2005 (S) vs pokhs (S)
NEW [**] burnodrod (A) vs kowki101 (S)
[**] burnodrod (A) vs maggro55 (A)
[*] burnodrod (A) vs ludo_06 (S)

Sweetie Plains
NEW [***] p1noyboypj (S) vs burnodrod (A)

NEW [***] burnodrod (A) vs ..Sir3.. (V)
NEW [***] burnodrod (A) vs ..Sir3.. (V)
NEW [***] burnodrod (A) vs ren8585 (S)
[*] burnodrod (A) vs Bad Herr Day (S)

NEW [*] heycoolkidheycoolkid (A) vs BOSHAJWA (S)
[**] alanthefast (F) vs heycoolkidheycoolkid (A)
[**] heycoolkidheycoolkid (A) vs maggro55 (A)
[*] Alvendor (V) vs Eijolend (V)
[***] p1noyboypj (S) vs heycoolkidheycoolkid (A)

Thorn Gulley
NEW [**] Alvendor (V) vs GreatGonzales (V)
NEW [***] Alvendor (F) vs vide0gamer (V)
NEW [**] Harti! (F) vs poweewee (V)
[*] wonderpug (A) vs Eijolend (V)
[***] p1noyboypj (S) vs burnodrod (A)
[***] heycoolkidheycoolkid (S) vs burnodrod (A)
[**] demonaz123 (A) vs sakiehl (A)
[**] randrc (S) vs burnodrod (A)
[x] Waymaniac (A) vs burnodrod (A)
[***] Terenceshiu2005 (S) vs ..Sir3.. (F)
[***] heycoolkidheycoolkid (V) vs white dr4gon (V)

*The most recent official top 100 ranking will be used in rating all new replays. Ratings will not be changed retroactively to fit new rankings.

Pre-Veggienauts Replays
Only 5 wits for P2 instead of the current 8 wits. No +1 wit per kill.

Sharkfood Island
[*] GeneralTso (F) vs pharmafan (S)
[**] heycoolkidheycoolkid (S) vs ReggaeKing (A)
[**] [Admiral 77] (S) vs Bad Herr Day (A)
[***] joelduque (S) vs Harti! (S)
[**] GreatGonzales (F) vs joelduque (S)
[*] Bad Herr Day (S) vs Eijolend (S)
[**] blckace (F) vs joelduque (S)
[***] Alvendor (S) vs Calmon! (A)
[**] vivafringe (S) vs Prosspy (A)
[***] vide0gamer (F) vs awpertunity (S)
[*] awpertunity (S) vs kingtomi13 (F)
[*] ArtNJ (A) vs blueswimmer95 (A)
[***] Alvendor (S) vs Syvan (A)
[**] nivra0 (S) vs Tempest Bebende (A)
[*] nivra0 (S) vs Zargash (A)
[*] morri1212 (F) vs Zero_killer (F)
[*] blueswimmer95 (S) vs Stella¥ (S)
[x] Syvan (A) vs danvel9 (S)
[*] blueswimmer95 (S) vs Zargash (S)

Long Nine
[***] Terenceshiu2005 (S) vs poweewee (A)
[**] blckace (F) vs garcia10000 (S)
[*] GreatGonzales (F) vs el*tabasco (S)
[**] blueswimmer95 (A) vs Zalteo (F)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs vide0gamer (F)
[*] burnodrod (S) vs wonderpug (A)
[*] LER4T (S) vs ren8585 (S)
[**] TheBitPilot (A) vs Meph1ston (A)
[***] Alvendor (S) vs Gavin Wins (F)
[***] Alvendor (S) vs Zero_killer (F)
[x] JD0426 (F) vs nivra0 (S)
[**] Zero_killer (A) vs nivra0 (S)
[**] TheBitPilot (S) vs nivra0 (S)
[*] wonderpug (A) vs Wenrod (S)
[*] Macroego (S) vs Syvan (A)
[*] Harti! (A) vs kyletheawesome (S)
[*] kyletheawesome (S) vs Harti! (A)
[**] nivra0 (S) vs Alvendor (S)
[*] nivra0 (S) vs Soronin (S)
[***] Syvan (A) vs Zero_killer (F)
[***] Harti! (A) vs ady_sue (S)

[*] Coolwhip18 (S) vs Eijolend (F)
[***] vide0gamer (F) vs Terenceshiu2005 (S)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs Terenceshiu2005 (S)
[***] Alvendor (F) vs Sir3 (F)
[**] nivra0 (S) vs awpertunity (S)
[***] Calmon! (A) vs Alvendor (S)
[*] $tugot$ (A) vs Dzikko (F)
[*] awpertunity (S) vs kingtomi13 (F)
[***] Alvendor (A) vs Syvan (A)
[**] Alvendor (S) vs entrepy (F)
[**] Syvan (A) vs [^[TnT]^] (S)

Foundry (Current Version)
[**] heycoolkidheycoolkid (S) vs Yz Easy (S)
[***] joelduque (S) vs poweewee (S)
[***] Alvendor (F) vs Calmon (A)
[**] GreatGonzales (A) vs awpertunity (S)
[***] Alvendor (F) vs blueswimmer95 (F)
[**] Syvan (A) vs sakiehl (A)
[**] Syvan (A) vs Macroego (S)

Foundry (Old Version)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs vide0gamer (F)
[**] TheBitPilot (S) vs nivra0 (S)
[*] blueswimmer95 (A) vs nivra0 (S)
[*] Syvan (A) vs Macroego (S)
[***] Zero_Killer (F) vs Harti! (A)
[**] Alvendor (S) vs entrepy (F)
[*] morri1212 (F) vs Zero_killer (F)
[***] Syvan (A) vs Calmon! (A)

Sweetie Plains
[***] Calmon (A) vs Alvendor (S)
[**] blckace (F) vs Ekman14c (S)
[*] Terenceshiu2005 (S) vs kingtomi13 (A)
[*] kingtomi13 (A) vs Terenceshiu2005 (A)
[**] garcia10000 (S) vs GreatGonzales (S)
[*] joelduque (S) vs Eijolend (A)
[***] awpertunity (S) vs Drannoc95 (S)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs RaggaeKing (A)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs Gavin Wins (F)
[**] nivra0 (S) vs awpertunity (S)
[*] nivra0 (S) vs Macroego (S)
[**] TheBitPilot (S) vs nivra0 (S)
[*] Macroego (S) vs Syvan (A)
[*] blueswimmer95 (A) vs sakiehl (A)
[***] Syvan (A) vs Harti! (A)
[***] Syvan (A) vs Zero_killer (F)

[*] sweetdiss (S) vs Eijolend (F)
[***] poweewee (S) vs Terenceshiu2005 (S)
[***] ren8585 (S) vs poweewee (A)
[***] blueswimmer95 (A) vs Drannoc95 (S)
[*] wonderpug (A) vs ren8585 (S)
[*] $tugot$ (F) vs JD0426 (F)
[***] Alvendor (A) vs Syvan (A)
[**] Alvendor (S) vs [^[TnT]^] (A)
[***] Syvan (A) vs Zero_killer (F)
[*] Alvendor (S) vs Lenoxe (S)

[Image: supertitanreplay.png]
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