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The First Gauntlet's Revenge Tournament
10-26-2014, 12:43 AM (This post was last modified: 10-31-2014 08:55 AM by Apple.)
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The First Gauntlet's Revenge Tournament
I am proud to present...

Super-Titan The First Gauntlet's Revenge Tournament!Super-Titan

Requirements: You have obtained the game.

There will be an unlimited number of participants, to sign up, please post your gamecenter id.

Participants will be playing in hard mode (also known as insane mode), and will try and obtain the most pointonium they can in Lockdown, Pointonium Mines, and Arropolis. The maximum pointonium obtained in each of these stages in hard mode will be added up to give your total score.

Signups last 1 week, starting from the time this thread was started. After that, participants will be given 1 week to obtain their high scores, which I will be able to see on gamecenter. Needless to say, the person with the highest total score wins. Since this is so, the earlier you sign up, the faster you can start playing for a high score.

After acquiring your gamecenter, I will send a friend request. Please accept it for it would be easier to see the leaderboards that way.

Good luck to all of you!


Apple 9763
Akkete (Please accept Gamecenter invite)

Akkete: 237 pointonium (top of worldwide leaderboards)
TheGreatErenan: 218 pointonium
AlliDooisRush: 201 pointonium
Apple 9763: 196 pointonium
LegacyofEight: 2 pointonium
spacechef: unranked

Pointonium Mines:

Apple 9763: 161 pointonium
Akkete: 145 pointonium
TheGreatErenan: 57 pointonium
AlliDooisRush: 56 pointonium
LegacyofEight: unranked
spacechef: unranked

Akkete: 207 pointonium
Apple 9763: 149 pointonium
TheGreatErenan: 87 pointonium
AlliDooisRush: 47 pointonium
LegacyofEight: unranked
spacechef: unranked
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