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Matching system broken?
08-31-2014, 10:31 AM
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RE: Matching system broken?
(08-31-2014 09:07 AM)ggggggggkkkkkk Wrote:  
(08-31-2014 05:08 AM)The Great Habudabi Wrote:  
(08-31-2014 04:20 AM)[PETA] Doodat Wrote:  I screwed up lol, didn't think the hidden ranking was that close. I think I waited for a week then had one forfeit.

No way would I forfeit. I would play both sides for the win. The essentially zero FOW would make for a long game.

It's impossible to actually play that game fairly. TGH would win because you want that to happen and since you control both sides, your subconscious would make sure it does happen

Nah, although true that I would want TGH to win I believe -DF- would win because it'd be impossible to do anything sneaky with a Scrambler. Mobi is a lot tougher with the 3HP so a lot more liberties can be taken without fear of instant death. On that note, that has always been my issue with Mobi, not that I think their special is OP, I just think the 3HP makes it very difficult to eliminate as easily as Scrambler.

[PETA] Cor13:4 Wrote:Mobi killed the Scallywag star,
He hit him on the base with his sniper from afar,
He tried to block the alley, but didn't get far,
That's how the Mobi killed the Scallywag star

Best Feedback rank (TGH) 3rd
Best Adorables rank (-DF-) 12th
Best Scallywags rank (-TAM-) 25th
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