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GG Champions League 2014-15 (SIGN-UPS OPEN FOR PLAY-OFFS) [11/9/14]
08-26-2014, 01:34 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2014 04:31 AM by onealexleft.)
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Rainbow GG Champions League 2014-15 (SIGN-UPS OPEN FOR PLAY-OFFS) [11/9/14]
IMPORTANT: This thread has moved.

(they don't need to be on the top 200)

GGCL Calendar:

Shutdown of sign-ups for Divisions [09/12/14-22:00]
Downloadable pdf publication of Rounds with players [09/13/14-13:00]
Official start of The League [09/15/14-00:01]

Shutdown of sign-ups for Play-offs [11/14/14-22:00]
Publication of the video of Play-off Drawing [11/15/14-13:00]
Official start of the Play-offs [11/17/14-00:01]
End of the Play-offs [06/17/15-22:00]
Start report of lazy players [05/12/15-9:00]
End of the season [07/12/15-22:00]
[UTC -4:30]

Note: To report a match you will have to go to the thread of the Division you belong to and paste the replay link there with the # of match and turns added. Please I recommend not to make comments in those threads. If we want to make comments about anything or any game, you can make them here in this thread or you could create a new thread for it. I hope you understand we want to have the easiness of looking up for each replay/match.

#98 50 turns outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgICAoeilwAgM

Some dates might be subjected to changes.

Please, everyone remember that the 2nd Map Gen is required to play this League

[Image: lv333Hjl.jpg]


- 1st Place in 1st Division: REAL and fictitious Golden Cup
- 1st Place in 2nd Division: REAL and fictitious Silver Cup
- 1st Place in 3rd Division: REAL and fictitious Bronze Cup
- 1st Place in Good Game Champions Cup: a bit bigger Real and fictitious Golden Cup

Note: Real Cups will be sent. At the end of the season the winner will be required to give some info address via email or imessage. Fictitious Cups will be laid up in the GG Half of Fame (see the image of it at the bottom).


Just like in any sports, a team or players demonstrate that they are better by playing constantly and beating the rest over time. The Good Game Champions League (GGCL) brings to you the opportunity to play and improve your skills by playing with the top 36 players.


The GGCL uses a format of qualifying that is similar used in football leagues (Soccer, for you Americans) worldwide.

The League consists of 3 divisions and the play-offs:

- 1st Division (the top 1-12)

- 2nd Division (the top 13-24)

- 3rd Division (the top 25-36)

- Play-offs (any player among the top 200 who signs up)

The winner of the cup will be the first player of each Division.


At the beginning of the event, we will utilize the current Official Ranking of Outwitters. Every player has to confirm his/her participation. If a top player doesn't confirm that he can play just 22 games per season (hopefully we can get it done between 4 months and 10 months, the sooner the better), then we'll know your real status at the official ranking, and the player that follows below will take his/her place. This will be done until we get the 36 players. Once every player is set according to his/her rank, it'll be played as a Round-Robin in each division (everyone has to play twice, as P1 and P2, against each other, that's 22 games per season). The maps will be chosen by the moderators of this League.

The rest of the top players that were left of the three divisions (so far) must show interest and post, (they must be in the top 200) and depending on how many they are, there will be a event (like a play-off) so only some of them can join the 3rd Division for the next season. It'll be also taken into account the order of the ranking.

The points will be determined as follows:

1 win = 3 points

Note: The winner is defined as a player who destroys his opponent's base before turn #62 starts. The turns of won and lost matches will be counted. The less turns of matches you have accumulated, the better rank you will have. This will be useful to define in same point cases

1 tie = 1 point

Note: This mode is held so we don't have forever matches. It's a tie when turn #61 starts, unless he/she can beat him/her in that same turn (#61). The P1 is the one who will tap "give up" this match.

1 loss = 0 points

Note: It's a loss when your base is destroyed before turn #62 starts.

There is no time limit per turn (Default) nor race restriction. Players just need to finish their matches before the deadline or end of the season.

The order to measure standings is this:

1. Points accumulated
2. Less turns of won matches
3. More turns of lost matches

In case everything is equal there will be an extra match played in Sharkfood Island being P1 the player with better initial rank. This rule applies when it's about a decisive position in the table.

At the end of the season (between 4 and 10 months, the sonner the better), the top three players will ascend to the next division and the three at the bottom will descend for the next season.

Also there will be the Good Game Champions Cup. It'll be a knockout bracket tournament where 8 players will participate. The participants for this tournament will be the first 4 players from 1st Division, the first 3 from 2nd Division and the first of 3rd Division. The first round will be defined by seed. The Player 1 for semi-finals and final will be the player with less played turns in the match before.

[Image: PtzYXtq.png]

Requirements to confirm your sign-up:

You must send an email to saying the follow information: (by sending the email you accept the conditions and rules of this event)

• imessage id, whatsapp phone number, or kik messenger id (one of these is enough). It's necessary to keep everything in order in this event. We don't want any Ghosts or forfeited matches. Players should get in touch by using the thread. But they can be messaged by the moderator (that's me) using any of these means.

• email (not necessary if it's linked to imessage or Skype).

• Game Center id

• Current Official Outwitters rank

• Nationality

These are the current Divisions:

1st Division: (tap to enter the 1st Division thread)

[Image: wt2g3vslq.jpg]

Check the Round-robin LIVE table for 1st Division here

2nd Division: (tap to enter the 2nd Division thread)

[Image: wl1wsXLlH.jpg]

Check the Round-robin LIVE table for 2nd Division here

3rd Division: (tap to enter the 3rd Division thread)

[Image: wt4c77G_a.jpg]

Check the Round-robin LIVE table for 3rd Division here


= Winner of the Division, ascension to the next Division and Good Game Champions CUP
Green = Ascension to the next Division and Good Game Champions Cup (In the 3rd Div only the 1st Place (blue) will participate in the GGCC)
Red = Relegation

Play-offs: (tap to enter the play-offs thread)

This will start on November 17th. 8 players at the very least to get it open. 16 players at the very most to get it closed. These play-offs will be played to try to get in the 3rd Division). A respective paper drawing will be shown by a video to determine the position of each player on the brackets.

1. damaja415 (confirmed)
2. =) Random Task (= (confirmed)
3. TheBarrow (confirmed)
4. flogue-le (confirmed)
5. collinj14 (confirmed)
6. xerozen (confirmed)
7. iNoSky (confirmed)
8. Yukfuj5 (confirmed)



8-Player Brackets

[Image: wtwc92U9S.jpg]

Yellow = Ascension to 3rd Division

Hall of Fame

[Image: wTe04pA.png]
Tap on the image to enter the thread

Note: Players are put in the right position as they confirm their participation

Extra notes:

1. Once the GGCL is started, the Official Outwitter Ranking will only be seen as a qualifying to get in the GGCL's play-off (from GGCL's point of view).
2. This event will be made public on Witter's Digest once everything is set and done. (Expired)
3. All top players will receive an invite to let him/her know about this event. (Expired)
4. Once the League gets started, a thread for each division will be created so they can arrange their matches also. (Expired)
5. Some of the simulated players might be moved up or down, depending on the official ranking and confirmed players to come. (Expired)
6. If a top player wants to take part of this event, he has to post showing his/her interest and has to play an Official Outwitters League match so he/she can appear on the Official OT Ranking and to place him up before the League starts. (Expired)
7. If a top player wants to join after the League starts, he/she will have to wait to the next season and have to fight for a position to get in the 3rd Division.
8. Every ended match has to be posted on the respective Division thread.
9. All maps will be played in this event (but some might not be played in among the Divisions as such, since we have 11 maps and the number of matches per player are 28). The order and such will be posted soon. (Expired)
10. One player is not supposed to play with two accounts. If any player was given two slots because he/she had two different accounts, please let me know so I can remove one of them.
11. A Hall Of Fame thread will be created with the history of the titles won.
12. Every player should feel free to start their matches when they can. They have to arrange the matches using the thread of the event they are playing for or any other means if they want. Lazy players must be reported when there are just 2 months left to finish the season and some rules might be applied to them. We put a time of 10 months but if it turns out to be shorter, we might talk of 2 seasons of GGCL per year.
13. To just let players know if they are ready to play an official match, they shall invite him/her in a different map. Otherwise the match will be taken as the official one.

• For more information or if you have any question you can email to

Show your real rank whether it's better or worse. Be honest with yourself! Have fun!

GGCL Staff members:
- Jesus "jesusfuentesh" Fuentes [Image: wgl427ft.jpg]
- Alex "pharmafan" Schmitz [Image: cwVmSwZt.jpg]
- Scott "Torbreck" Familton [Image: 40BoCeat.jpg]

Don't neglect your fellowship with God, family and study by playing video games. Be organized with your time

GC name: jesusfuentesh
Super-Titan 1v1; 2v2
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