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Species Specific Tournament [Begun!]
03-09-2014, 11:56 AM (This post was last modified: 04-12-2014 06:33 AM by AttackBomb.)
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Species Specific Tournament [Begun!]
Hello, I'm AttackBomb and this is the...

Species Specific Tournament
The tournament of specific spawns


Tournament brackets are inside this teeny weeny hyperlink.
-=Tournament Brackets=-

Also, your units are displayed below, I tried my best okay. Too many people wanted the feedback soldier. So... yeah.

The assigned units will be given when 24 players come. You know, for 24 units.

1. Applications
2. Assignments
3. Gameplay
4. Final Two
5. Awards

Map Line-up
Quote:1st Round - Reaper, Skullduggery, or Thorn Gulley
2nd Round - War Garden, Glitch, or Peekaboo
3rd Round - Sweetie Plains, Foundry v2, or Sweet Tooth
Semifinals - Sharkfood Island, or Glitch
Finals - TBD

Losers 1st Round - Skullduggery, Glitch, or War Garden
Losers 2nd Round - Peekaboo, Sweet Tooth, or Long Nine
Losers 3rd Round - Sharkfood Island, Foundry v2, or Skullduggery
Losers 4th Round - Sweetie Plains, or Glitch
Losers 5th Round - Reaper, or Thorn Gulley

Quote:You sign up with listing the units you'd like from most to third. There are 24 players, each starting with one spawn-able unit. To win the tournament, all players but you must lose when they are defenseless. When two remain, there is a 2 / 3 to decide the winner. Clans can send a representative to play. If they are to win, the entire clan gets a reputation point. If a lone player wins, they receive two points.


Quote:1. You can ONLY spawn those that are assigned to thou.

2. Your unit is "Species Specific" so you use the team of the required unit.

3. The pre-spawned units can attack and move, but if they aren't the cutie wootie unit that you own and love, they cannot be spawned.

4. Don't whine. If you want to cry about how you didn't get your plant, then just leave.

5. To make this not very stressful, when you defeat an opponent you can take one of their units to add to your initiative. Now don't worry your pretty pants now, when you lose your units are still in the tournament but you can't spawn crap. You can still gain units to heal the wound.

6. Anyone is invited, come one and all to Spec-Spec Tournament. The funnest place on Earth. Unless it's hosted on the moon. Then that's a different story.

7. You get eliminated if you lose and you lose again. It's like a loan shark but without the goons, and the death threats, and the guy with a baseball bat.

9. For sign-ups its a "first come, first serve" kind of deal for selecting your units. I have a complex algorithm for this tourney. Its basically computes your league, choices, and other stuff and spits out who gets what. Each competitor starts with only ONE unit in the tournament. So players won't get multiple scramblers or brambles in their deck.

10. When two remain there is a battle of the fittest. A 2 out of 3 system is applied. Losers give up squat. Even though you kicked the stuffing out of those plush animals, you can't get the cute little elephant.

11. When there is an odd amount left in the tournament then one person will get a bye depending on who I want.

12. No trolling, I will send confirmation PM's for when this is filled. You don't reply, you don't play. You'll just be wasting time and effort.

Sign-up Format:
Quote:GC ID-


1st Choice-

2nd Choice-

3rd Choice-

Favorite Fruit-

Clan representation (if applicable)-

Clan list (If above is applicable)

Prize / Clan stuff

Quote:I guarantee that some look above and ask themselves "Why are there multiple choice slots?" "What is 'clan representation'?" "Why is his name AttackBomb?"

I will answer two of those questions along with a lot of other stuff.

Prize: The prize will be a +2 rep from me, unless you are representing a clan which gives +1 to all in the clan (at time). Also, your clan can get a loser named AttackBomb. Yaaaaay.

Clan stuff: Representing your clan is an honor. If you are the only one from your clan in the tournament, you represent. This may lead to controversy later down the road, but hey YOLO. You can represent the clan you are in, on a few conditions.

1. Your clan leader must PM me a confirmation
2. You're the only one representing the clan.

If others from your clan are participating in this tourney and you are representing the clan. If you win, only the ones who made in the top 12 will be rep'd (or is it repped, idk).


Quote: You are probably tired of reading and would rather be playing Outwitters or Tilt To Live or TTL2, but I promise this is the last thing. THE EXCEPTIONS OF SOME UNITS. Alright, so some cannot defend themselves like the medics and the mobi. So these rules are applied.

FOR MEDICS: On a map you can use what I like to call the Witchdoctor's Potion. This allows if one of your units dies you can "revive" it and spawn it back in. You can only do this all the time in the game.

FOR MOBIS: You can use this ONLY if you're facing Scallywags. This is called the Whale's Wrath. If you kill one of their soldiers you can SUMMON a soldier to "replace" it. You can do this all game.

SIDENOTE: These can only be used if all you got is mobi's or medics or mobi's and medics. This is applied to counterbalance the scale so they aren't bear-food or fish-food or plant-food or... robot-food. Do robots eat?


Amoffett11 - None

Necrocat219 - Adorables Mobi

Master League
Jchris98 - None

Poc 13 - Scallywags Soldier / Veggienauts Medic / Scallywags Bombshell

ShAdOw.* 198 - Adorables Soldier / Feedback Medic

Allidooisrush - Veggienauts Bramble / Veggienauts Soldier / Scallywags Medic

Extreme Ghost - Veggienauts Heavy

Spidér - Feedback Runner / Adorables Sniper / Feedback Heavy

ElPared - OUT

Xerozen - None

Blackfella4283 - Veggienauts Sniper

Calabster - Adorables Runner / Feedback Sniper / Adorables Heavy

Gifted League
Flarp55 - None

Izzilla - Adorables Medic / Feedback Soldier

DabestbroAgain - Scallywags Medic

boredp3ps1 - Feedback Scrambler

collinj14 - Scallywags Runner

Alexander The Great 44 - Scallywags Heavy

!_elle_! - OUT

Kthexb - None

Holbycomp - Scallywags Runner

Clever League
TheUberKid1 - None

Baaman35 - None

LegacyOfEight - None

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