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The Soon To Be Elite Tournament - Season 1. [Winner: Doodat]
10-26-2013, 11:02 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2014 01:55 AM by Mag!cGuy.)
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The Soon To Be Elite Tournament - Season 1. [Winner: Doodat]
Hello guys! This time, it's not the Elite Championship, it is...

Gifted League Master League Super-Titan The Soon To Be Elite Tournament Super-Titan Master League Gifted League

This time, it is not an invite-only tournament. Every gifted, or master, or ST who isn't eligible for the Elite Championship (that's an update decided after the news got posted, I hope some ST will still read this!) who wants to can sign up here. To sign up, you will only have to tell me your league, and your game center ID!
The interest of this tournament is that I will open another thread, where any participants will be able to ask for advices or commentaries on the games he has played during this tourney. Everyone will be able to discuss about them, and I surely won't be the only one to help you guys on your play!
Also, the winners of each group will fight against each other in a format to be decided, and the winner will be able to play at the Elite Championship Season 3! But you will have to have the 2nd gen map pack to be able to participate there.

- The Competitors -

Bbobb555 - GC ID: Flarp55
Doodat - GC ID: AlliDooisRush
=) Random Task (=


- GC ID: Ryaniscoolerthanu

- GC ID: Chas3r 926
Husky Pete

Azariah357 - GC ID: Canyon357
Fruit slicing master
Rockstarr69 - GC ID: T- 1000 (mind the space between - and 1000)

- GC ID: BrandoCommando13
Erikpdumont - GC ID: -DuMonster-

- The Format -

There will be 36 players, separated in 4 groups of 9 players. In each group, all players will fight each other in a round robin phase. There will be a specific map per round, decided randomly.

The competitors won't be obliged to start all their matches at the same time, for more comfort. In return, once the words '4 days ago' appears on your game against an opponent, the game is an automatic forfeit for the one who let the game run to that time period. The words '4 days ago' will appear once the 4th day has ended and the 5th day of a turn has begun.

In the brackets, P1 is the player listed at the top of the match.

TheGoldenGriffin - Infinitepure - Amoffett11 - AlliDooisRush - BrandoCommando13 - Jamay235 - Izzilla - T- 1000 - Vazke~

Matchups: Group 2
Lawtai - S59200 - Spacechef - Fruit Slicing Master - JasonFox - Jchris98 - Ryaniscoolerthanu - Husky Pete - ASUsux

Matchups: Group 3
Wildtalon1851 - Xerozen - =) Random Task (= - Dudedaniel - 22swarm - jehtmonkey - .Memories. - Jesusfuentesh - ===HDufus===

Matchups: Group 4
-DuMonster- - Flarp55 - Canyon357 - Fraukfeud - 23swarm - Payton227 - Chas3r926 - Sidioud - Midview2000

Round 1: Foundry
Round 2: Reaper
Round 3: Long Nine
Round 4: Thorn Gulley
Round 5: Peekaboo
Round 6: Sweetie Plains
Round 7: Foundry
Round 8: Sharkfood Island
Round 9: Glitch

- The News -

Finale Phase

1st of Group 1 meets 2nd of Group 3.
2nd of Group 1 meets 1st of Group 3.
1st of G2 meets 2nd of G4.
2nd of G2 meets 1st of G4.

The quarterfinale will be bo1, and will happen on Long Nine.

The semifinale will be bo3, and will happen on Reaper. The name at the top of the match on brackets is P1 twice. You aren't allowed to play a race more than once.

The finale will be bo5, and will happen on Glitch. An extra rule is that you are obliged to play with each race. For the 5th match, you may choose the race you want. The name at the top of the match on the brackets is P1 thrice.

The winner of the finale phase will have a room at the Season 3 of the Elite Championship, so, give your best guys!

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