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BEING CHEATED? - read this first!
06-21-2014, 02:32 PM
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RE: BEING CHEATED? - read this first!
GCIDs: WeJusPlayin, ImperialProbeDroid, TheWrathOfNikademus, PlutosMenagerie, IDontWantToGoOnTheCart, IBrokeOutwitters, RunningPook, Stupiditory, QueueClearer2, AllTerrainArmoredTransport, [#:qwertyqq:#], DonutsAreYummy, AreYouAaronBarnesFromMinot, CastleAaargh, PlaceholderB, PlaceholderC

SuperDonkey bragged about the proof in This Thread.

He may not be a traditional cheater as in wit hacking, but he has cheated the entire community by fabricating a path to the top without winning a real game. He seems to have ceased operation with the accounts and thus they have disappeared from the top 200 list, but they're still there, ready to reappear as soon as he feels the desire to perform another ludicrous 'experiment'. Plus WeJusPlayin has stolen the #1 position in the Super-Titan division away from its rightful owner.

The above list of accounts comes from a thorough review of WeJusPlayin's games, every opponent that forfeited repeatedly after 3 or less moves, and every one of those opponents' opponents that followed the same pattern.

It would be nice if these accounts were not only banned but every record of their interactions with each other were somehow obliterated so that they do not sully the efforts of those individuals who invest many hours of their time to bring us statistical analysis of the Outwitters community at large.

[PETA] Cor13:4 Wrote:Mobi killed the Scallywag star,
He hit him on the base with his sniper from afar,
He tried to block the alley, but didn't get far,
That's how the Mobi killed the Scallywag star

Best Feedback rank (TGH) 3rd
Best Adorables rank (-DF-) 12th
Best Scallywags rank (-TAM-) 25th
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