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Blackjack Split?
04-05-2013, 09:20 AM
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RE: Blackjack Split?
(04-05-2013 06:18 AM)phineas94 Wrote:  A & A have just implemented my idea!

My turn came up in a 2v2 match that was just about getting to boiling point but instead of just the "Your Turn" league option I was also given a "Pass 'n' Play" option of the game. I obviously used FFA to it's max, found out what was going on in the FOW and then made a killer move in the league game.

Seriously though, of course I didn't (but I can't say I wasn't tempted...and still am Smile ) so I played my league move which promptly disappeared to the bottom of my play list but the P'n'P game remains unplayed. I'm aware that this should just go in the bug thread but couldn't resist tacking it on to this one. Has this happened to anyone else? The temptation is driving me crazy and I daren't quit the P 'n' P game in case it's somehow linked to the real game. I know my partner lives in France so utilising the P'n'P is going to be a bit tricky but they almost got it right Big Grin

You changed a 2v2 game to a pass n play game?! That shouldn't be possible.

Also, if you could split games, you could quit one, see the replay and his unit placement, then play on the real game.

I hear there's a secret Mobi hidden here somewhere…
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