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National Outwitters League Season 2 [Week 7-Final Week!] - mr_13en - 09-06-2014 09:46 AM

Welcome everyone to the second season of the:


[Image: XGhyC4F.jpg]


Previous Week's Matchups:[attachment=561][attachment=553]

This tournament was supposed to run just as the NFL with 32 teams, but due to only 26 players, it is set up slightly differently. There are 26 teams, 2 conferences (AFC and NFC), and 4 divisions of each conference. 3 divisions have 3 teams and one division has 4 teams in each conference. There will be six teams from each conference that make the playoffs, the winners of the 4 divisions plus 2 teams that have the highest record that did not win their division.

The Regular Season
Each player will be assigned an NFL team that corresponds to them. And the schedule will be based on the alternative schedule I put together attached above. I will be updating the spreadsheet at least once a week, probably more frequently as we get towards the end of the season. I did my best in following the formula the NFL uses for match-ups and I tried to spread the top players around throughout the divisions. Note: there will be 12 games for the regular season instead of the usual 16. One NFL game corresponds to one game of Outwitters, with the home team being able to choose map. (Tip: Use your P1 advantage by selecting a map you are good at). There will be no race restrictions or map restrictions. You must start or receive the next games in a set of 2 each week. Meaning that you start the next 2 games on your schedule each week for those matches in which you are player 1. For matches in which you are player 2 then you should receive an invite from player 1. A match will be counted as a forfeit if player 1 has not started one or both matches for the week by the following Monday. P2 must post here notifying me of the forfeit. Tie breaking procedures for the Wild Card and Division champs will be the same as NFL tie-breaking rules found here. I will post the matches that should be started for the week on Sunday mornings (usually by 10am PST). The games will be numbered so that games are started in batches of 2 each week. Note that some teams may have a bye week. Post results on this thread and include the names of the teams and week & game #.

For example:

Week 1, Game 2
Vikings v. Jets
[replay link here]

The Playoffs
The playoffs will run like the NFL playoffs. The #2 and #1 teams from each conference receive a bye during wild card weekend. The wild card round will be a 1 game winner takes all with the winner of the division choosing the map against the person who received a wild card bid. The second and third rounds will be best of 3 with the higher seed being P1 and choosing the map twice, and lower seed being P1 once and choosing the map once. No race or map restrictions for this either. Playoff games must be started within 1 week of match-ups being determined.

The Super Titan Bowl
This will be a best of 5 with the team with the better record during the regular season playing as P1 and choosing three maps, and the other player choosing 2 maps. Or if the records are the same and the tie breaking rules previously stated do not give an advantage to either player, then the player ranked higher in the top 200 will be given the benefit of a higher seed.

To sign up post your GCID and your current league and top 200 rank . I will attempt to distribute teams evenly throughout the conferences and divisions based on rank and league to attempt to even each conference and division. Sign ups will be first come first serve basis.

Note: Changes in rules from previous season: 2 games a week instead of 4. Also, you are allowed to select your own team if desired. If you don't select a team you will be assigned a team. If two players wish to have the same team it will be decided based on the player with the higher top 200 rank. If neither player is ranked then it will be settled with one pre-season Outwitters match. Neither player can select Scallywags for this match to avoid a drawn out turtle match. Player who first asked for the team plays as P1 and chooses map. Winner gets to play as the team. Loser can select another team if available or will be assigned a team.

1. mr_13en (Pittsburgh Steelers)
2. The Great Habudabi
3. amoffett11
4. -PasswordisTaco- (New England Patriots)
5. LegacyofEight
6. Flarp55
7. awpertunity (San Diego Chargers)
8. Gaebora the Owl (St. Louis Rams)
9. .Memories. (Chicago Bears)
10. izzilla (San Francisco 49ers)
11. FrozenNorthernKid (Washington Redskins)
12. Holbycomp (Dallas Cowboys)
13. -DuMonster- (Green Bay Packers)
14. The Gense (Oakland Raiders)
15. Rcsum
16. Xerozen (Detroit Lions)
17. mr_soandso (Carolina Panthers)
18. ===Torbreck===
19. -joejohn22- (Seattle Seahawks)
20. AlliDooisRush (Houston Texans)
21. Mari BK
22. lawtai (Buffalo Bills)
23. Yukfuj5
24. Socalou
25. 22swarm
26. collinj14 (Atlanta Falcons)

TheGreatErenan, Big-MaczZ, thanks for your willingness to play but since we didn't get the 32 participants you'll need to wait until next season.

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - The Great Habudabi - 09-06-2014 09:55 AM

I'm in!

GCID: The Great Habudabi
Super-Titan #13 on top 200

I couldn't care less which team I am.

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - ggggggggkkkkkk - 09-06-2014 09:56 AM

How long did the last season take?

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - mr_13en - 09-06-2014 10:03 AM

(09-06-2014 09:56 AM)ggggggggkkkkkk Wrote:  How long did the last season take?

Looks like it started March 15th and ended on August 30th. So roughly 5 1/2 months. But that includes playoffs which alone were about 2 months.

There were a lot of regular season matches that dragged on that were important in determining the playoffs, otherwise the regular season woulda/shoulda/coulda ended in about 5 weeks.

Sorry, playoffs were 3 months.

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - amoffett11 - 09-06-2014 10:05 AM

Signing up

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - ggggggggkkkkkk - 09-06-2014 10:08 AM

ok I'm in!


RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - LegacyofEight - 09-06-2014 11:48 AM

Top 200: IM NUMBER ONE!!!! Jk no I'm not
Team: The Niners????? IDC though

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - Flarp55 - 09-06-2014 03:35 PM

Master, unranked in T200

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - awpertunity - 09-06-2014 08:49 PM

awpertunity! 9/200
my niners were taken... so I'll take SD chargers!

RE: National Outwitters League Season 2 [Sign-Ups Open] - mr_13en - 09-06-2014 10:59 PM

Lots of interest in the Niners! Awp, you're higher ranked in the top 200 so the Niners are yours if you want them again? Otherwise, Chargers it is!