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~Food Chain Tournament~ Final battle! - Extreme Ghost - 04-08-2014 10:57 PM

~Food Chain Tournament~

plz add ur
GC name- Sgt LoseAlot
Ur rank fluffy #69
And ur fave animal -Tyrannosaurus rex (falcones & Wolfs are nice too!)
And ill set up an ecosystem every time we have enough pplz

{Rules} This will be a sudden death winner plays on survive of the fittest blood bath! Each ecosystem will have 11 players in it ranging from lowest rank to highest so P1 and P2 battle the winner will face P3 then the winner of that match will face P4 and so on maps will be played in order starting with sharkfood island then long Nine then Glitch ect ect
The winners of each ecosystem will face eachother in a apha/apex showdown for King of the food chain! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

~Theatrical Rules~
(Short version is marked below)

[runners]- speedy little ankle biters at the bottom of the food chain can & will attack anything

[soldiers]- brutal maggot runner killing machines!! (can only kill runners)

[medics]- the wise species who sends inferior life forms to do the dirty work can only be killed by runners or specials

[snipers] - crafty creatures who evolved the power of range attacks can kill soldiers with there eyes or eye or lens close :O!
(Can only attack soldiers)

[Boosted snipers]-there symbiotic relationship with the medic has made them deadly and smart mabe too smart... Thay now think there the top of the food chain and try to kill mobi's brambles scramblers & bombshells trying and doing are 2 different things (can attack specials or soldiers)

[heavies]- massive creatures who fight among them selfs often for superiority (can attack eachother) feeding on a healthy diet of the slow wimp snipers to bulk up
Can kill snipers boosted snipers and other heavys

[Specials] true apex predators devouring any and all who stand in there way (can attack any unit)

[Mobi]-any unit teleported by mobi can attack any unit for that turn

[Bramble]- can only spawn 7 vines on maps per bramble

[Scramblers]- all brainwashed units lose the ability to learn from the wise medics (can't be boosted/healed)

Have no special rules

You can only spawn 2 specials on the map at once alpha predators don't play well with each other

~Short version rules 4 ya lazy bums...after I did all that work!
Runner att-any

Soldiers att-runners

Medic att-none (duh)

Snipers att-soldiers

Boosted sniper att-specials or soldiers

Heavys att-heavys&snipers

Specials att-any

Bramble-can only spawn 7 vines
Scrambler- scrambled units can't be healed
Mobi-units moved by mobi can attack anything (that turn)
Bombshell-no special rules
Only 2 special units at a time unless you scramble ur opponents mwhahah

Lets start this party!

LegacyofEight the wise ~Owl~ VS AttackBomb ~the Immortal Jellyfish~

?????????? VS Demon The Demonic ~Wolf~

?????????? VS Jchris98 the cutest animal to ever climb 60feet up a tree the ~Red Panda~ (honestly how could you attack it!)

?????????? VS Shadow The ~Dolphin~master mind

?????????? VS Bbobb555 The one the only mighty ~Mouse~

?????????? VS Collinj14 the flying jump'n kung fu! ~Kangaroo~

?????????? VS TheGreatErenan the creature who haunts sailors nightmares! ~The Monster Squid~

?????????? VS Necrocat219 the feline who crawled from the underworld who defied death ~The Cat!~

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - HuskyPete - 04-09-2014 12:12 AM

Nice idea. Good luck with this

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Extreme Ghost - 04-09-2014 12:34 AM

Thx Smile so stoked to get it up and running!

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - TheGreatErenan - 04-09-2014 03:30 AM

What units are allowed to attack the base?

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Extreme Ghost - 04-09-2014 03:41 AM

(04-09-2014 03:30 AM)TheGreatErenan Wrote:  What units are allowed to attack the base?

Any Smile

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Extreme Ghost - 04-09-2014 11:27 AM

Extra extra read all about it 63 views and no sign ups Sad
1st day not looking so good ..

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Flarp55 - 04-09-2014 11:32 AM

Sign up
GC name- Flarp55
Master #36
fave animal - mouse

One thing, though. The matchup system is really unfair. If every player has a 50% chance of winning then P1 in the ecosystem has less than 0.1% chance to win while P11 has a 50% chance. In other words, P1 has to win 10 matches to advance, but P11 only has to win 1. Maybe change the format? 8 people per ecosystem, and single elim, just using challonge?

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Extreme Ghost - 04-09-2014 11:43 AM

Yay 1st sign up !!! ILY!! Flarp55 *cough cough manning up now*

You are correct in the % p1/p2 have the lowest odds % wise but this isn't a game of luck this is a skill game in which lowest rank gets to pick to go 1st/2nd

Also P1&P2 will have an edge experience wise since thay will have played already hypothetically if P1 wins every match thay will have 10 games of experience over P11 Idc if P1 is fluffy & P11 is a ST that amount of experience more in a different playing style will make a difference IMO I hope this helps explains why it is set up the way it is Smile

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Flarp55 - 04-09-2014 11:51 AM

Hmm. Wouldn't it still be most fair if it was a regular single elim bracket though because then everyone has to win the same amount of games and everyone will have the same amount of experience going in to every game.

RE: ~Food Chain Tournament~ Open!!! - Extreme Ghost - 04-09-2014 12:05 PM

You are correct if it was a reg single elim bracket it would mostly be more ballenced overall
But that doesn't fit the survival of the fittest theme think of it as every one has ~OneMan Left Standing~ sure it would be nice to have a few more lives a few save points here and there for some nice safe & cozy re-spawning but this is an OML game and we are OML players we don't have those kinda resource/luxury's we put everything we have on the line and trust in our skill to guard our last man!