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Mindful Massacre Tournament - All Complete - Congrats to GendryStorm! - Chemoeum - 02-14-2014 08:36 AM

Gifted League yay tourney that solely relies on brains, literally

[Image: Scrambler.png]
"I'm a flying robot brain. Fear me, and then I will join you for the tourney. Then you'll join me. Muahaha."
"I secretly listen to Super Hexagon music on Bandcamp."
"My dopamine signals suggest that I can't wait for the tourney to start!"
"Let the tournament begin!"
"Being a Scrambler is a curse because I'm on top priority of being killed."
"Ay-yay-yay-yay-yay-yay-yahh! That is my impression of a Feedback soldier spawn."
"My mind is totally hurtin'!"
"Our first win goes to lawtai!"
"I think I scrambled Chemoeum too much. He forgot how to do the tourney."
"I don't cry, I scramble. Now you understand me..."
"Despite being a robot brain, I keep forgetting to do stuff."
"I have special camouflage abilities too. I look like blue macaroni with eyes and wires."
"Please do not say 'zombie apocalypse.'"
"I bet you can't keep track of overall scrambled units in the tourney."
"Where'd Erenan, Flarp, and FrozenNorthern go?"
"You showed legendary strength against lawtai, Flarp55. outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgICA9JuooAoM"
"OK, so everyone finished at least one match. Enough feedback for me!"
"Hurrah for Doodat, for our tourney's longest scramble-chain! outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgICA9K-ijggM"
"It's so crazy, almost half the tourney is done."
"If a second tourney was organized, I'm going to call it 'Mindless Morality.' I hope someone else will make it."
"Only twenty more matches to go! It's only been two weeks, did you notice?"
"Flarp55 killed off two Masters in the tourney! There are no limits to his scrambling!"
"What if I told you about... our 'brainiac' awards for doing awesome stuff in the tourney?"
"Flarp, tell me your scrambling secret. Your skills surely surpass mine. outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgICArOb1-QgM"
"Sorry I wasn't here for a while. I was on a mind relaxing vacation."
"awpertunity has finished all his games!"
"I refreshed my memory bank, and it turns out, in my above quote, lawtai did that before it was cool."
"Hey, guys. Chemoeum is making a Team Apple vs Team Cheese tourney after this. Personally I'm on Team Apple because it's healthier, but Chemoeum's on that team with the milk curdlers. Ugh."
"This tourney is getting slow, slower than me on a brain freeze."
"I recently watched the Outwitters trailer again, loved it! But they couldn't have cut out the part where I died?"
"Eighty percent complete."
"Seems like I'm getting your matches at the very last moments."
"'Oh where, oh where, is Quazioo? Where did he/she run off to?' You likes mah poem?"
"A couple of weeks ago, I played VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh. It's a really cool gravity game that's been giving me the momma of head rushes."
"I have a secret I've been keeping from you guys. I'll tell you at the very end of the tourney."
"Come on, it's just one more scrambling match!... Oh, sorry for the language."
"Here's my secret... I scrambled you all so you'd join the tourney. Glad I did, huh?"

Check back to see what Scrambler says.

Link to bracket is now open. I changed "not" into "now."

Yes, this is the Mindful Massacre Tourney. You got the brains to play it, and obviously I'm using this joke more than it should be told, but to play this tourney, you rely on runners and Scramblers. You'll be playing on maps with two bonus spaces and plenty of pre-deployed units.

General Notes:
  • Spawn ONLY runners and Scramblers. That means you must play as Feedback.
  • Your non-runner or non-Scrambler units cannot do anything unless your spawn point(s) is/are covered by the enemy or if you are able to attack it without moving. They can move the first turn for a wit space if a runner or Scrambler is unable to reach it the first turn.
  • Players win from spawn-hog. Players also lose from spawn-hog. Because their spawns are hogged. Haha
  • Your medic is a god. It cannot be killed, it can do anything a medic can do (this includes healing and moving), but it cannot block enemy spawn points, and it can be scrambled. If there is no pre-deployed medic, only ONE is allowed to be spawned, at any time.

Any purchases I need to know about? Feedback Pack, 2nd Gen Maps?

Sign up now! Open to Fluffy League Clever League Gifted League Master League Super-Titan , aka anyone. We'll have about six, eight, ten people in the tourney. It's all over now.

The tourney has begun. The bracket is open.

Here are the maps you will be playing on: (It is completely complete)

Round 1: Sweetie Plains (Round 1 complete)
Round 2: Thorn Gulley (Round 2 complete)
Round 3: Long Nine (Round 3 complete)
Round 4: Sweet Tooth (Round 4 complete)
Round 5: Thorn Gulley (Round 5 complete)
Round 6: Skull Duggery (Round 6 complete)
Round 7: War Garden (Round 7 complete)
Round 8: Foundry (Round 8 complete)
Round 9: Sweet Tooth (Round 9 complete)

MINDFUL MASSACRE brainiac awards

Since we have a few matches left, I'll share upon you your awards you unknowingly fought for on the side.

SHARP-MINDED Brainiac Awards
The Scrambler - First Place
- GendryStorm, with a record of 8-1
The Runner - Second Place
- Flarp55 and awpertunity, tied with a record of 7-2
The Explosion - Third Place
- lawtai and Juslas, tied with a record of 5-4

BRAIN-FROZEN Brainiac Awards
Helmet Owner - Winning the Longest Match
- lawtai won a match of 80 turn(s) over TheGreatErenan
Speedy Reflexes - Winning the Shortest Match
- Bubba2701 won a match of 8 turn(s) over Quazioo13
Task Complete - First to Complete All Matches
- lawtai finished all his matches first

FRONTAL-DAMAGE Brainiac Awards
Concussions - Hitting a base the most times
- Flarp55, with a record of 2 hit(s) (but seriously, no one else hit a base? haha)
The Overlord - Scrambling the Most Units
- lawtai scrambled 85 units in the tourney
The Smart Warrior - Most Scrambles in One Game
- lawtai scrambled 39 units in a game with TheGreatErenan

PRE-SCRAMBLED Brainiac Awards
The Great Brain Damage - Losing the Most Games
- Bubba2701 and Quazioo13, tied with a record of 1-8
Asphyxiation - Win the most last matches of each round
- Flarp won three of nine matches finished last of each round
Motor Loss - Win the last game of the tourney
- FrozenNorthernKid won the last match over TheGreatErenan

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - .Memories. - 02-14-2014 08:43 AM

Lol, I could have moved it for you, mate.

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - Chemoeum - 02-14-2014 08:45 AM

Yeah, when I created the new thread from DL, I saw your post and said it was too late.

Mods are so cool.

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - TheGreatErenan - 02-14-2014 09:06 AM

Yeah, I'm in.

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - [PETA] Doodat - 02-14-2014 10:34 AM

I want in :3

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - Flarp55 - 02-14-2014 12:05 PM

I'm in

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - Demon - 02-14-2014 12:26 PM

Sure, I'll give it a shot.

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - awpertunity - 02-14-2014 01:11 PM

me too!

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - GendryStorm - 02-14-2014 01:16 PM

I'd like to join this tourney. It was fun watching no spawns tourney, hope we can also produce interesting games here Big Grin

RE: Mindful Massacre Tournament - Signups open! - Demon - 02-14-2014 01:17 PM

(02-14-2014 01:16 PM)GendryStorm Wrote:  I'd like to join this tourney. It was fun watching no spawns tourney, hope we can also produce interesting games here Big Grin

It's not over yet…