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The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - Mag!cGuy - 09-21-2013 02:30 AM

Since the number of games will increase rapidly, I won't be able to put all comments on the OP of the main thread. For this reason, I open this one, where I will classify all games and comment them. If you want to add something to my commentary (I might have missed crucial points), don't hesitate to discuss about it here! Smile

The Games

Round 1: Long Nine


A nice battle on long nine! A good thing to analyze is the series of trade that happened between turn 7 and turn 12. Each time, torbreck took out a 4hp soldier by giving up a runner and sucking back his sniper. Who, wit speaking, won the trade? Let's calculate: first, each player loses one unit. Alvendor loses an unit worth three wits, torbreck loses an unit worth one wit. Alvendor spends one wit to kill the runner + another wit to move the new soldier from the spawn to the middle. Torbreck spends 4 wits to kill the soldier.
As a conclusion, we can say that it's a fair trade, since torbreck spends two more wits to kill an unit that is worth two more wits than his one!
Afterwards, alvendor ended this series, and put up a nice defense at the top. But, turn 14, he did a huuuge mistake: he knew that his opponent had a runner at the bottom, thus could see his mobi sneaked there. So why did he do it? Even if torbreck had his mobi at the top, he would have seen the agression coming and could prepare for it.
But this mistake didn't cost him the game, since he has been able to do two things at once: counter the agression at the bottom well enough to prevent an instant win from happening, while making an amazing attack at the top which overwhelmed his opponent. 11 wits needed for this!
Then, Torbreck did an incredible mistake that costed him the whole game. When he finished his turn 17, he had three wits left. Three was the perfect amount, a perfect amount that he didn't even use! What could he have done? He could have moved his medic and healed the heavy, (This way, alvendor wouldn't be able to reach the base with his heavy, so he couldn't directly win next turn) and saved up the remaining wit, in order, next turn, to have 8 wits and be able to make a mobisnipe-soldier combo to kill the unprotected base, and win the game. Always think twice before sending your turn guys!


The battle started normally, both players spawning soldiers/runners and a mobi at their fourth turn. Action started when LER4T surprised his opponent by sniping a runner thanks to a mobi coming from an unexpected hex. Sharugames couldn't even destroy that sniper, thus sufferd from a huge pressure at the bottom. His response was weird, he did a suicidal turn because he wanted to attack on the other side of the map, while not destroying as many units as he could and allowing his opponent to literally crush him. That's what happened, and at turn 16, you can already say Sharugames lost, because a too big part of his army got killed by the counter attack, and he wasn't in a position to be able to stop a mobisnipe-soldier combo.


Both players used the very standard opening at the beginning. If you want to be on a good position on long nine, start your games like this, having three runners on the map as quickly as possible to see what your opponent is up to, and start massing soldiers where you need to.
I don't understand his daddy's moves though, he spent a bunch of wits at the bottom even though poweewee did not prepare any attack there. If your opponent doesn't mass an army at the bottom of the map, don't spawn anything there and keep your wits for an upcoming attack or a special at the top, you will need as many wits as possile in the future and spending them on an inactive spot on the map is not adviced Smile
Turn 12 is interesting: was poweewee's move worth it? He lost an unit worth 1 wits, his daddy los an unit worth 4 wits. He spent 4 wits to kill the sniper, daddy spent 0 to kill the runner. So, poweewee spent one more wit than his opponent in this trade! But since the pre-given sniper is very precious on long nine, we can say it's a fair trade.
Because his daddy didn't spawn any special, he has an unit lead over his opponent. And poweewee had to know it when he saw with his runner at the top all these soldiers. Why did he attack? It was a weird move, he already had less than his adversary before he attacked, so this couldn't work for him. His daddy's counter attack was mighty and predictable. Poweewee defended exteemely well, but he simply didn't have enough and his daddy played incredibly too, checkmating his opponent at turn 25, and making it to the win. GG!


A long game! It starts normally, but the moves of awpertunity are very wit unefficient at the beginning. For example, turn 3, he doesn't heal his sniper at first, and creates a soldier at the bottom. Why isn't it good? Because, as long as your opponent doesn't threaten you at the bottom, this soldier is literraly 3 wits wasted. Also, you must ALWAYS heal your sniper before everything else. You see at turn 5 why: awpertunity moves again his medic to heal the sniper. Afterwards, he will surely want to put the medic once again next to the spawn. So he wasted one wit there.
Then, both players mass soldiers, because that's how Long Nine makes you play. Awpertunity threatens pharmafan on both sides, but the problem of trying to attack at the bottom is that it's too predictable. You see your opponent coming very early before he will attack you, so setting up a defense here is easy, as shown with this replay. Awpertunity's attack is pretty nice, but so is his adversary's defense. The main problem is that pharmafan constantly has more wits than his opponent, because he has been more efficient than his opponent during the match, and he is the defender. (the defender always spends less wits than the attacker) You can clearly see it at turns 26/27: turn 26, pharma has 17 wits. Turn 27, awpertunity has 8. He still tries to put his opponent in difficulty at the top, but pharmafan has too much, he completely repels awpertunity and ends up having waaay more units.
Pharmafan can't use his huge advantage in his favor at this moment because he isn't in a position (and doesn't have enough wits) to completely overwhelm awpertunity. He slowly enlarges his army, slowly approaches of awpertunity's, slowly save up wits. He doesn't rush things, and he is right. And turn 42, the slaughter happens! I even think pharma should have waited one more turn, to have more wits, but his attack totally paid off, because he simply had more than his opponent. GG guys!

Round 2: Sweet Tooth


What an agressive opening! It's a pretty nice one from trumpet, but some 4hp soldiers and it gets quicky nulified, as it happens here. Even though his rush didn't fully work, it still gretly ends up in his favor. Why? Look at turn 7, before the turn starts. Trumpet has 6 units whereas Alvendor has 5. Since it was trumpet's turn 6 before, that means trumpet has one more unit than his opponent. And, on such an unique map, where there are a lot of wits given for only one spawn, unit count is even more crucial than on any other map.
Then both players set up their army, trumpet being on the offensive position.
Alvendor's turn 13 is very fun to watch, but is it good? Yes. It is not wit efficient, really not, but as I said what is the most important on sweet tooth is not the wit count but the unit count. Here, Alvendor has been able to destroy alan's lead as for unit count, since he destroys a soldier without letting any unit in danger. Turn 16, alan's does the same, because you should always have as many mobi as your opponent (if you go for a long game. Obviously, if you take advantage of a mobi spawned by your opponent and plan a rush, don't spawn a mobi ^^)
The turn 17 was very well done, because alan's army is not located near enough of all the snipers and mobi to be able to correctly respond, and he lost a mobi, a very precious mobi. Then some forced exchanges happen, all in favor of alvendor, because he has two mobis and his units able to kill some of his adversary's while being unreachable after they did!
You can see that, at turn 24, alan is under a lot of pressure, his base being at 4 hp and him having less units and way less mobility. Looking at this situation, I would directly give the win to alvendor, so let's see what happened.
Turn 30, alan obtains again a second mobi, which is very good news for him, cuz thanks to this he will be able to maybe get even with alvendor as for unit count.
Turn 33, here is THE error. Alvendor commited too much into killing one mobi, he wasted wits and units by doing so. And the other problem is that he also didn't protect his heavy from getting killed by the two well placed soldiers of alan. Thus, he gets rushed at the top, while all his army is at the bottom. And his defense can't be good: he suicides all his runners (alan doesn't even spend wits to kill them) and his sniper. After that, alvendor almost already lost. He does have two mobis, but he really doesn't have the wits and units to even use them.
Very well played by alan, he has taken a small opportunity to completely destroy alvendor!


Another great game on the map Sweet Tooth! 
But, once again, we can notice strange moves from torbreck at the beginning. When he saw the 2hp runner in reach of the medic, he simply had to heal the runner and let it on the spawn, to prevent sharugames' runner to kill the medic while saving up wits. Here he wasted wits to put his runner on a not optimal hex and move several times his medic. Wit efficiency is one of the key to win, always remember it guys! 
Afterwards, he played extremely well though, defending against his opponent´s push almost perfecty. Sharugames commited in this agression too much, thus ended up having less units than torbreck. And, knowing his attack didn't work, he had to deduce he was obliged to be defensive at this point of the game. But he did a very strange turn 13, giving up a brand new sniper and his mobi to kill... a soldier. This is why we can say torbreck almost already won from turn 14, by taking a huge lead from this error.
Then, Sharugames tried to defend as best as he could, but his opponent had a great mobility thanks to his mobi whereas he didn't even have any vision about what was torbreck up to. The red adorable then manages to claim the top wit space, blue not even having the possibilty to take it back, which made it clear that no come back was possible from now. 
Well played Torbreck, a slow but safe counter attack that paid off!


The champion is falling! We can see him losing twice in a row, each time because he attacks too quickly without enough to really put his opponent in difficulty. His beginning strategy was not very good, he could not expect to deal real damages but still attacked and then put himself behind.
Afterwards, cor set up a good army and, at turn 12, managed to make a nice attack even though he only destroyed one soldier - that shows how poweewee got hurt by his opening. But then we can see this attack that at first seemed nicely done has in fact been totally countered, cor losing his lead at turn 15.
The game follows with some massing-units turns, both players not knowing what each other is up to thus making kind of random moves, especially powee. I might be wrong of course!
And, at turn 25, poweewee did it again, he made a decent attack that still had no chance to end up in his favor. Turn 26 was predictable, cor crushed the number 2's attack and from then, he could only win.
Does the champion underestimate his opponents' armies? Or does he play too quickly? Anyway he will have to concentrate again if he wants to show who is the boss here.


This is what we can call a top tier game! Directl from the beginning, LER4T sets himself up on a hyper defensive position with a bombshell. But he seemingly didn't know about the mobisniper trick happening on this map and lost a soldier without being able to respond at all. He hoped to defend with his two soldiers, but he, again, didn't expect the worst: pharmafan had the resources to kill both. Some cool exchanges happen after, LER4T tries to defend with two bombshells. He manages it, pushes back pharmafan, but, for the third time, the unexpected happens: pharmafan had just the amount required of wits to make the winning move with his double mobis. So well played by him! Impressive!
We all know LER4T is an outstanding player, so what should he have done? What was the problem here? First, the problem comes from the opening. If you are against adorable, you must, at your second turn, create a 4hp soldier and put it on the middle hex (here, the hex where LER4T has put his second spawned soldier at turn 8). It will prevent your opponent from doing this powerful mobi trick. Afterwards, almost all wrong moves done by him come from the fact he didn't think his opponent would be able to do this or that move. Counting your opponent's wits as much as possible must be a priority, and predicting all the best possible moves from your opponent is squarely obliged. You can't play if you don't see your opponent can win the next turn, or destroy more units than you think. Obviously there is fog of war, but at this level, guessing what your opponent is up to is even a bit easier, because you know he will do the best move possible, or almost.
Any comment on this game LER4T? Smile


At first, the game was pretty slow paced, each player simply massing units and getting a comfortable army. I don't understand awpertunity's move at turn 11 though, he suicided a soldier for nothing! Turn 14 was very impressive, a huge attack that used 19 wits and provoked awpertunity out of position. He defended pretty well, but his daddy continued to play amazingly and apply pressure on the opposite side with his heavy followed by a soldier, which obliged awpertunity to use his only mobi and a few units to defend two sides at once. He was already done for from turn 18. Well played daddy!

Round 3: Sharkfood Island


What a crazy game! Awpertunity goes for a super early scrambler, but he doesn't use it. Cor, on the contrary, masses soldiers, and get the offensive position pretty quickly, awpertunity not having the possibility to counter, because he spent his wits in a scrambler that is in a defensive position. Afterwards, he spawns a second one, because he knows cor is gonna attack, he comes way too near! I have rarely seen someone having a whole line of soldier this near of the opponent on SFI that quickly, but cor did it. He did it slowly and efficiently enough so that he didn't have to fear any mighty counter. Even if it doesn't seem so only by watching, it's very well done!
Turn 17 is absolutely outstanding. Cor planed everything he had to. He had exactly the amount of wits required to do what he wanted to, each units he had has been used, he dealt incredible damage. If you struggle to win your battles on maps like SFI which consist in army massing, and don't understand how to overwhelm your opponent, take this replay as an example and analyze it a lot. Destroying as many units as possible in one turn is the key. You need to aim for this kind of attack when you play in ladder, saving up wits, positonning your units so that they reach your opponent (without coming too near and being destroyed), and going for the all-kill. After this attack, awpertunity lost 4 soldiers, 1 runner and 1 medic. At this part of the game (turn 18), this is tremendous.
Awpertunity manages to defend at the top, and tries a kind of all in, since cor has his base completely unprotected. But he didn't predict what cor could have responded to this, and he really better had saved his scrambler (the one at the left) by moving his heavy to the left.
Cor's answer is perfect. But awpertunity defends almost perfectly aswell, and he finally manages to counter cor's push! Kudos to him, it was not easy at all!
Then, both players build their army again, no one having a real unit advantage upon the other. It it now the turn of awpertunity to prepare, and make, an awesome attack! But scrambling a scrambler is so wit efficient, that cor manages to defend well enough. (kudos to him aswell)
Awpertunity tries to force the win, but he doesn't have enough, and is obliged to move back. Once again, both opponents rebuild their troops, awpertunity still beign on an offensive position.
Turn 59, the clash happens again. But this time, the strategy is different; Cor didn't mean to deal as many damages as possible. He did this tiny attack to encourage awpertunity to make his huge attack. It was risky, because if the attack was bigger than expected, cor would have lost. But he was confident with his two scramblers, and waited for the attack to come.
And baaaam, turn 62 is a slaughter. Cor's strategy totally paid off. Awpertunity lost from this poin of the match, cor has too many units.
A big GG to both player, an exciting game and some serious skills shown! Smile


A great win from Alvendor! He has been able to make a successful early push, which was allowed by an error from sharugames: he gave up his runner to kill alvendor's medic. It was not a wit unefficient move, but the problem is that, afterwards, he was blind, and didn't see the agression coming.
Another thing that I'm not sure about is that, by killing the medic, sharugames made his opponent attack. This is pure mind game, here is what might have alvendor thought:
"He killed my medic and gave up a runner. That means, if I create a soldier and not a medic, I have an unit lead over my opponent, because we have the same number of units, him having a medic. Plus, not healing my units would make me save up more wits, which would allow me to make a quicker attack."
Also, sharugames did some wit unefficient moves with his medic, moving it next to the spawn and then moving it again to heal the heavy. Remember: never move your medic next to the spawn before you healed your heavy, because a 5hp heavy is extremely powerful on this map, since players almost only spawn soldiers there.
The runner which blocked the spawn space of sharugames was also a key move, because it obliged him to move a soldier toward the bottom.



A really nice match! Let's go straight into the analysis.
I don't understand torbreck's first turn. He has prefered to move both soldiers rather than healing an unit. That's wrong! It is crucial to heal an unit each turn, especialy on one-spawn maps, and there was obviously no hurry to move both soldier at the top since it was Turn 1.
Apart from this, both players play the same way, they slowly build an army and get a mobi at the same time.
Turn 14, pharmafan does a great move. He didn't overwhelm torbreck, he didn't crush him, but he managed to take out his heavy. The heavy on SFI is a key unit. Indeed, since almost only soldiers will be spawned, having a 5 hp unit is extremely powerful, because three soldiers are needed to kill it. Destroying your opponent's while having yours alive gives you a certain lead.
Turn 22, it's a turn of torbreck to kill his opponent's heavy! But after all these trades, who has an advantage over his adversary? Let's look at turn 24, in order to compare fairly both players. Pharmafan has one more soldier than torbreck, but torbreck has a snipe, whereas Pharmafan hasn't. Pharmafan has a bit more wits, but not so many more. So, so far they are pretty even!
Torbreck launches a big attack at turn 33, a powerful one. But pharmafan is soooo wit effiicient that he has got 20 wits at the next turn, and is able to repel torbreck pretty well. The major problem for torbreck was not his unit count (he was leading pharma), but his wit count. At turn 35, he has only got 6 wits. You can't do anything with 6 wits, really. Whereas pharmafan still had 12 wits at turn 36! What follows is logical and predictable, pharmafan has more wits, more units, torbreck has lost. GG guys!

Round 4: Thorn Gulley


The match started normally, with sharugames taking a little positionning lead thanks to his runner managing. Both players mass unit, but sharugames got a bit too confident, approached his units a lot, and letting his mobi vulnerable. Yes, it doesn't seem so, but trumpet could kill this mobi, and he did it very well! Sharugames couldn't kill his opponent's mobi in return, and that's a big win for trumpet.
Then followed some great back and forth action, both players dealing great enough damages each turn. Trumpet achieved to steal his adversary's wit space, who had to deal with it quickly otherwise he would get in a very bad shape. Turn 15, Sharugames makes an awesome threatening at the midde, having the positionnal and unit lead there, but doesn't take back his wit space!
Trumpet's response to this was pretty good (he prevents the soldiers from reaching the base), but he did an error: he sent his runner behind the soldier to scout what was going on there, and killed the medic with a soldier. That means he allowed sharugames to take his wit space back while killing his runner! Yes, this way he won't be able to kill the 4hp soldier. But, sharugames would anyway not kill the soldier, because it would make him spend absolutely all his wits, and he couldn't afford to do this in this situation. This soldier harass was awesome though, and the runner was needed to check if it could work, but the optimal move would have been to place the runner one hex more below (the one more at the left).
The blue adorable then all ined, but it looked kinda like a desperate move, he suicided his units only to hit the base once again. All players I have coached will see what I mean here: never suicide an unit to hit the base, unless you are sure this will allow you to win in the next few turns. You see why it can't work thanks to this replay!
Trumpet's response was nice again, but not optimal. The best here was to move the soldier only one hex downward to kill the runner, thus this soldier would be unkillable. And the wit used to teleport the soldier back in order to save him would have been used to protect the mobi from the sniper!
And then, it was almost already over. Trumpet had more, everywhere on the map, and he was able to force the win in turn 24, by hitting the base and checkmating his opponent. Yeah, in this case, hitting the base is more than recommended, because if you have way more than your opponent, he won't be able to kill all your units, and he won't be able to block all the paths to the base, thus you will win quicker. And sometimes, it's a matter of win or loss, because if you don't kill the base quickly enough, your opponent will kill yours before (trade base case), or will simply call back his remaining units in time to repel you. You have to predict what happens if you hit the base and what happens if you don't, well, prediction is one key to win in outwitters. Smile


The shortest game of the tourney so far! Turn 4 was the turning point of this one, torbreck came up with a strategy I have never seen before. His daddy didn't do any particular error, maybe he should have guessed such a move could happen since torbreck would have saved many wits (but I myself wouldn't have seen it coming). He got such a positionnal lead with his unreachable sniper, and a left side undefended by his opponent, that the victory was kinda already annouced. Turn 5 was very well played, but still, his daddy didn't have enough to defend at the left (he did have an army to defend at the middle though) and torbreck has been able to make a nice all in at turn 8, which led him to the win.
Healing the pre given runner that you will put on the middle wit space if you are against adorable is a good idea, and if you are P1, always consider on turn 3 that your opponent has a lot of chances to have a big amount of wits and that he will be able to smash you with a super early mobi. Well played torbreck!


A cool game which shows how mobi is powerful on this map! LER4T's opening is very cool: indeed, almost all players will place a 1hp runner on the middle wit space. Thus, LER4T has exactly the amount of wits required to kill that runner and mobi his one back. What is the interest? Well, as for the wits, it's a fair trade, since both players spend two wits in it. But Cor had directly one less unit than his opponent, and no more vision, and less mobility.
The strategic error from cor is that he didn't get a mobi asap. On thorn gulley, if you're adorable and you know your opponent has a mobi, get a mobi out. It's not a waste of wits, it is crucial, almost obliged to have if you want to compete with your opponent's versatile strategy. Here, he spent all his wits into runners and soldiers, and at turn 4 he did an error: he placed his newly spawned a runner in the range of the LER4T's runner that got sucked back at the previous turn. There was FOW, but it was obvious that LER4T would place his runner here, or one hex more to the left. Because of this, the blue adorable has been able, a second time, to take a little lead as for the unit count at turn 5.
Afterwards, both players turtled, but cor massing units without really having a plan, just trying to defend against the incoming mobi push.
And Cor's turn 12 has been very strange. He spent a real bunch of wits into moving all his soldiers or creating an useless runner, in order to allow LER4T to rush him. See what I mean? By approching his units, he kinda siad to his opponent "hello, I am ready to be crushed, let's go!". And he spent a lot of wits for this.
That's why turn 13 was predictable. LER4T did crush Cor, and from this point there was no come back possible for the red adorable.
Mobility and vision are two key points in outwitters, that are even more crucial on this extremely large map. You surely can defend against mobi with mass soldiers, but then you can only expect to take an advantage thanks to your opponent error (for example, making a not big enough attack). Let's wait for the other matches on this map, to illustrate what I said here!


Short one! The opening pharmafan used here is getting more and more common, and deservedly. It allows to have a small unit lead, and most of all a huge map controle compared to your opponent. The mobi created so quickly makes you very comfortable, because you see everything, and you can go everywhere. I would personnaly have moved the mobi before sucking the runner back, in order to have more sight, and more action range.
Alvendor's answer is not good. When your opponent creates a mobi, create a mobi. Especially on Thorn Gulley. He did get a mobi at turn 8, but he massed soldiers before, and if pharma went for a super agressive play on the other side he would have died of it. He is lucky pharma actually feared his soldiers and didn't even move his mobi!
Alvendor then slightly put his adversary in pressure at the left side at turn 10, and that was nicely done. But the problem is that he didn't pay attention at all to the right side, where pharmafan made a not-so powerful attack, which marvelously worked because alvendor had NOTHING there. Pharma logically got his win at turn 13. GG for the blitz attack!
If you wanna rush your opponent on one side, thus spend all (or most of) your ressources there, you first have to ensure your weak side is not threatened at all. Here, alvendor went overconfident at the left, and didn't fear the obviously coming attack at the right!

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Mag!cGuy - 09-21-2013 03:19 AM

Round 5: Glitch


This game followed the same path as the one between alvendor and his daddy, but it was quicker. Trumpet, seeing poweewee went for a super early mobi, attacked without even dealing real damages. And he won! Poweewee defend as well as he could, but it was impossible for him not to lose there, unless alan messed up. Alan had too many wits, and more units than him. There are maps where going for a super early mobi is very dangerous: Glitch is the worst. GG alan, very good decision making!


The game starts in an agressive way with sharugames using runners. But, he did something wrong, at turn 3. He killed the medic with a 2hp runner. Why is it wrong? A medic is worth two wits. A 2hp runner is worth two wits. But sharugames spent one wit to move the runner, whereas pharmafan won't spend any wit to kill the runner. That means sharugames lost one wit here. It is extremely important to remind that killing the medic is not often a good thing to do! And well, something even worse happens: the runner gets scrambled!
Afterwards they both start a runner and sniper massing. But I don't like how Sharugames places his to snipers. One on the right side can be good, but two is bad, because you don't have the room to put them on good hexes. That's what happened here, the first spawned sniper is placed on an useless (let's be honest) hex! I also don't understand at all the strategy he is doing, massing his units in the least active place of the map, where they have no chance to reach his adversary. These are wits wasted, units wasted, well, a lot of resources wasted. Look after that: pharmafan destroys three 2hp runners, which is not bad, and totally overwhelm his opponent because sharugames has been very wit unefficient and has his army on the opposite side! From this turn, sharu lost. He has less wits, pharma has two scramblers.. He couldn't do anything from that point. The placement, and the fact that moving several times the same unit for nothing is unforgivable are really important to understand! :)


Alvendor started with a famous and very powerful turn: the sniper opening. The aim of this is to get a sniper at the center as quickly as possible, in order to have a positionnal lead over your opponent, and destroy any unit coming too near of it. However, this opening didn't look so good in this case. Why? Because his daddy's answer was absolutely perfect. He played in order to have himself a sniper, and say to alvendor "okay, come at me with your snipe, I am ready." During the next few turns, both players massed units without doing anything special. But you can notice they didn't place their unit randomly, each hex was thought in order to prevent the opponent from being able to make a big attack.
And then the #1 worldwide did the error: he spawned a mobi early, and didn't ensure his daddy wouldn't see it. If you catch your opponent went for a quick mobi (this doesn't apply for the other specials, because they can deal real damages by themselves) and have units in reach of your opponent's, you can rush him, as daddy did here. He only destroyed one unit, but after some very cool action turns the battle ended up in his advantage, because alvendor had less wits and real units than his opponent.
An awesome reactionnary play from his daddy, we didn't see any flaw in his matches so far!


A crazy battle. The game began normally, both players doing standard openings. But torbreck did something better than his opponent, he created a sniper. On glitch, you have to create a sniper asap, in order to take the map control and put a lot of pressure on your opponent. It's shown pretty well here, cor has been obliged to move some units back, thus be a bit wit unefficient. At turn 9, torbreck could destroy one soldier without fearing anything for his sniper.
Anything? Actually, cor played incredibly well at turn 8. He knew his soldier would be destroyed, the way it would be destroyed and what he could answer to it. The runner, the medic and wits saved up altogether allowed cor to destroy the sniper and take back his map control. Nothing was done randomly here, cor didn't have luck, he planned everything and played brilliantly. Give it up for him!
Sadly, this move was not enough to take the lead over his opponent. It balanced the advantages of each players, which is already pretty awesome considering cor's position at turn 8.
Then followed turtling turns, action coming back at turn 32. Cor's attack was too weak, to be honest. But, what? Torbreck accidently clicked done at turn 33! Too sad, it changed the ending of the game! :(
And turn 34 was not so great either. Apparently, cor was "walking his baby around", which explains why he didn't play so well. IRL before everything guys :D
Turn 35 was great to watch, but not exactly enough to completely defend against cor, who afterward did some scrambler "seek and destroy" and got in a very good shape at turn 36.
Turn 37 is extremely interesting to analyze. What is the very best torbreck could do with 7 wits? I first thought that he could all in with his soldiers, but he couldn't. His best solution was to defend even better at the bottom (use both 1hp soldiers to kill the 3hp one, use the two other to kill the 4hp and use the one at the right to hurt the other soldier) while moving his top soldier toward the base. It wouldn't make torbreck win the game, but he would completely defend against the push.
Any comments or move suggestions to add? Feel free to tell them there, I might have missed nice thing to say!

Round 6: Sweetie Plain

Sweetie Plains is another map that is hard to understand. Indeed, you may sometimes not understand where to attack, or how you can counter that push on the side of the map.

At ST or master level, you will generally see P1 defending, and P2 attacking. Obviously, it doesn't happen at all battles, but as you see in this replay, both player accept their roles directly from their first turns. Cor puts his medic next to the middle spawn, and creates units only there, to be defensive at the right. Whereas Alvendor places his medic next to the spawn at the right, and masses soldiers there!

On this map, the only great path of attack is the wit space side, where alvendor is preparing an attack and cor defending. Why? Because the weak point of the defender, the wit space, is as far from the defender's spawn space as from the attacker's spawn space. So, the defender doesn't have his natural advantage to be at home in this case, which makes the rushes here extremely powerful. This is why, when you play on Sweetie Plains at levels where it's not directly P1:defender and P2:attacker, I recommend you to mass units at your opponent's wit space side as quickly as possible, and make fast rush composed of runners and soldiers. Aim the sniper, aim the wit space, constantly reinforce with 4hp soldiers, and you will normally get the win.

Here, Cor defends perfectly. When Alvendor is too bold, by advancing his new soldier very near of cor, cor can punish him, and use his sniper without fearing to have his sniper killed. He has more units to defend than what alvendor has to attack, when it's usually the reverse.
Turn 12, Alvendor tries to attack and put his opponent in difficulty, but he doesn't have enough. Cor rips off all his units. And he also manages to sneak a runner at the left, to kill Alvendor's sniper! What a beautiful play. Indeed, the sniper is extrmely precious, and having it killed before it couldn't have done anything is awesome. You can try, in your games, to place a runner where cor did, and kill the unprotected sniper!
He continues his great harass turn 19, with this time a runner and a soldier hidden! The problem of alvendor is that he didn't use his pre-given runner. You should always put it on your spawn, instead of your soldier. You, then, see everything coming from that side, and don't get surprised by such risky moves!

Alvendor uses a mobi to defend, and he finally repels cor. Turn 25, cor gets himself a mobi, because you alwyas have to be even wiht your opponent as for mobi count. Though, he does a huuuge error by letting his heavy there, exposed to a sniper! It didn't do anything during the battle, so sad. :( Because of this, and the over-commitment of cor in his push, alvendor ends up aving more units than his adversary!
Then, both players accumulate units, alvendor being again on an offensive position, while cor defends.
Turn 35 is very fun to watch, cor gets a second mobi while destroying his opponent's! It' not, strictly speaking, wit efficient, but cor gets such a big lead from this move, well done! He afterwards taunts his opponents, destroying units and calling his ones back. That allows him to get even with alvendor as for "real" unit count (by real, I mean unit which can hit, deal damages.). Well, "try" to get even, because alvendor still has more units and more wits!

Turn 45 is awesome to watch. he figures out alvendor had too much at the right side, so he moves and teleportes some of his units at the left, where there are not many of them. Since he has two mobis, he will be able to constantly reinforce with what remains of his army at the bottom right hand corner of the map.
Afterwards, he completely all ins. It's very risky, because alvendor's army is much more powerful. Aaaand the predictable happens, alvendor manages to completely defend agaisn the all in, and cor ends up having NO units compared to his opponent. Alvendors obviously gets the win some turns after. Well done!


The game started with awpertunity directly setting up in a defensive position (which is awesome. Indeed, he is P1, and usually the one attacking is P2 thanks to the wit advantage) Poweewee didn't seem to catch awpertunity's play, and agressed him way too quickly, rather throwing his units than dealing real damages. Afterwards, he got a mobi, and awpertunity started to put pressure at the right side.
Poweewee did a terrible turn 14, commiting a lot with his units even though he didn't have enough to overwhelm his opponent. Each time, it's the same problem: he attacks even thought he doesn't have enough. And from turn 17, he is really behind. But awpertunity rushes too much, makes wit unefficient moves to kill the heavy and finally loses this trade. But he still has the unit lead, and tries to provoke poweewee out of position at his wit side.
The red adorable's turn 24 has not been optimal in my opinion. He has chosen to kill a yet not dangerous soldier rather than protect a precious sniper against runners.
Wait, awpertunity didn't take his chance to kill the sniper! What he had to do there is kill the runner with his one at the very bottom, check what was there, and then see he could kill the sniper with his runner in range. Maybe he thought it would be impossible for powee to make such an error?
Because of all his errors like soldiers suiciding, the blue adorable lost his advantage, his opponent having a comfortable army plus a mobi.
Then follows a great back and forth series of turns, both players dealing decent damages and putting their opponent in some difficulties.
Turn 37, awpertunity makes a great rush at the left. Powee couldn't completely defend directly, and tried to annoy his opponent at the opposite side with a soldier. Turn 42, he manages, again, to repel awpertunity.
But Blue then rapidly massed an army, and after some turns he takes the win with an awesome push on the wit side. What did poweewee have to do to counter it? Let's see:
Well, it all comes from turn 44. Creating a 1hp sniper is very risky at this stage of the game. Spending two wits to move back units that will anyway be killed or be obliged to move afterwards isn't efficient. He better had to let his units there, create a soldier and move it to the left, and move his two other soldier to the left too. That would have changed a lot, he would really have been able to counter the attack. It's not useful to comment the turns following, since from turn 46 he was almost already done for.
All in all an awesome back and forth match with pure action! :)


Round 7: Reaper





A very fun battle! The first mistake came from Sharugames at turn 5. Indeed, he commited a lot ( gave up a runner and a sniper for a soldier) even though he should have stayed on his initial plan, which was to sneak a sniper at the right and apply a huge pressure at this side. Anyway this was not a big mistake, because it provoked a trade that ended up in a slight advantage for sharugames as for positionnal matter.
Turn 8, cor did a very odd move, kinda all-ining, as if his opponent almost had nothing. But, that was not the case! And sharugames's answer was not optimal either, he could have killed the heavy and the sniper at the same time. He thought cor had more than only a soldier? Some quick calculations or simply the runner scouting would have allowed to figure out cor couldn't have any other unit than a heavy, soldier and sniper. He then tried to make sneaky moves, as if he feared cor's army, even though that one was everything but dangerous.
When you watch turn 12, you might be like "what the heck." And you'd be right, but the basic idea was awesome: forcing your opponent to defend, forcing him to be scrambled,  and maybe making it to the victory. The problems here were that cor already had less units than his opponent, didn't deal any damage when he all ined, and wasn't 100% sure his scrambler was completely hidden. His all in failing and sharugames having a soldier in range of the base, the adorable takes the win!

Round 8: Foundry


A good game very nice to understand Foundry's metagame, one of the hardest to understand. In this map, the first part of the game will always consist in being the first to get your sniper as quickly as possible toward your opponent wit space while preenting your opponent from doing the same. You have to do this with prediction and very precise unit placement, that's why I personnaly love foundry so much.
LER4T's opening is not the most common, and I'm not a huge fan of it, because it is easily counterable. (its aim is to kill the sniper before it even got healed)
Turn 4, awpertunity did an error. He killed the runner wih a soldier placed on the wit space. A soldier placed on the wit space at your first turn is great, because it prevents the sniper from advancing too quickly. But a soldier placed at your second turn being P2 (or your third turn being P1) is pretty bad, because the sniper can now kill it. A good move here was to kill the runner with the heavy, and place the soldier one hex more at the top. It was like saying "okay, kill my heavy, but then you won't be able to protect your sniper."
And LER4T could get a big advantage from this. But, I would say that, he didn't do the best here. He wanted to push his advantage as best as he could and sent as many units as possible at the top, and did it right. But the problem is that, he didn't defend at the bottom. He knew awpertunity's sniper would be there, he knew his soldier was threatened. Awpertunity advancing his sniper and killing the soldier would mean a balance of the lead in the game, because both players have their sniper in range of the adversary's wit space. I don't know if we can call it an error from LER4T or if he knew what was gonna happen and was sure he could deal with it, let's see.
Awpertunity defended perfectly , no move could put him in difficulty after. And at the end of turn 7, LER4T lost his lead: the advantage he got from turn 5 got lost because he pushed too quickly, got over confident and didn't think his opponent could do the same to him. That's the first miscalculation we see from him in this season!
Then, the game gets extremely hard to comment. I guess it was very hard for the players to make their moves, because everything was possible and each difference would matter much for the future. I can't say what was the best to do for each player. But that's why we all love foundry for (we do, right? :D)
At turn 8, awpertunity did another error, by placing a runner next to the wit space. You must never allow your opponent to kill one of your unit while taking your wit space at the same time.
He then decided to put a big pressure at the bottom, to prevent LER4T from attacking at the top with his mobi (which is a real threat). And it really worked, but LER4T's amazing defense prevented awpertunity from taking the win.
After defending against the push, he had a huge unit count lead. Turn 20, we can say awpertunity is done for. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


A nice match! I know foundry is a map that gives a lot of difficulties to most players. So, this time, let's fully analyze the openings and understand their aims:

Cor's opening is the one I am using too, because it is a very safe one. Why putting the soldier on the wit space, and not the runner? Why moving the sniper so quickly?

On Foundry, your aim must be to advance your pre-given sniper ASAP toward your opponent's wit space. Indeed, if your opponent doesn't defend well enough (and it's hard to defend against the sniper tbh), you will be able to have a huuuge positionnal lead, to harass his wit space constantly, and finally be able to launch a great attack that is gonna give you the win. The threat of this sniper is so amazing, that you absolutely need it in your battles. This is why we start moving it directly from the first turn.
But, your opponent, if he knows foundry pretty well, will try to do the same, right? That's why you need, while moving your sniper toward your opponent, to prevent your opponent from doing the same. And this is the aim of this early soldier. The sniper won't be able to come near the wit space, because if he tries too, your soldier will kill it before the sniper could have shot the soldier!
Pharmafan's opening is way less classic, and I think it's not the best you can do as P2. There are too many runners, and runners can't prevent the sniper from advancing.
Turn 3, cor places his pre-given runner on an uncommon hex. Why? I remember that, when I was working on my openings, I thought of putting it here because it would allow me to scout a big part of the map, while this runner wouldn't be able to be reached by a runner created on the spawn by my opponent. (whereas if your runner is on your wit space, it might be killed, and you lose all your vision)

Turn 4 and turn 5 are perfect to illustrate what I said about cor's opening. Turn 4, pharmafan could not advance his sniper, because of cor's soldier! And, look, at the end of turn 5, how well positionned is cor. He sees everything, his sniper now reaches any unit willing to protect the red wit space, and he is ready to make a push, already.
But pharmafan played well at turn 6. He first countered the sniper, by placing his soldier so that, if the sniper advances once more, it gets killed. he also managed to advance his own sniper, by protecting it with a new soldier. Still, that doesn't give him a positionnal lead, and cor can sneak his soldier at the top to hit the base! The way pharmafan defend is very original and nice. It looks suicidal, but when he saw the soldier at the top with the runner, he had NO other solutions, because he was too threatened by the sniper and the surrounding units to move his units at the top. This is another advantage of the early-coming sniper: you can use your top soldier to hit the base at the top, without fearing to be countered too easily.
Cor's answer is predictable, he destroys a lot of units, and gets an unit lead added to the postionnal lead he already had.
Pharmafan defends as best as he can, at turn 14 you would even say that he countered cor! But his base is only at 2hp, cor has too many runners.. He hets the win at turn 19. It all comes from the openings, and maybe FTA (First Turn Advantage), but this replay will show you P2 can win, even if P1 plays very well and tries to push his advantage! GG you two!


A nice game purely made of agressivity! After having a slight advantage given by his opening, torbreck managed to defend the hyper quick but weak attack from poweewee while sneaking a soldier at the top to take advantage of his units and positionning lead.
Powee defended pretty well, but he has done a crucial error that costed him the game at turn 12: he didn't guess another runner would try to finish off the base, thus killed the first one with a new runner which could have blocked the way of the hidden scout, instead of using the sniper. The champion is normally known for his awesomness in mind game, what happened in this turn?

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Mag!cGuy - 09-21-2013 03:45 AM

Round 9: Skull Duggery


The game started strangely, with both players doing wit unefficient or uncommon moves. For example, awpertunity chose not to heal his heavy at his first turn even though he could, which means that one healing turn got lost. Same for Torbreck, who didn't heal anything this turn while not taking the opportunity awpertunity (..) has given him to kill the one hp runner. Indeed, the optimal move would probably have been to create a runner at the top, place it on the top spawn, then create a second one and kill awpertunity's (thus, scouting everything. If awpertunity doesn't want torbreck to scout anymore, he is obliged to get a soldier out at the bottom, which is not cool), healing the heavy and putting it on the bottom spawn. I also question the placement of the medic: torbreck will spend another wit to put it back next to the spawn, and he won't be able to get a sniper asap since the medic would block its way. But I may be wrong, and it would be very interesting to discuss about this.
 Turn 8, torbreck did a huge error by moving his heavy, thus allowing awpertunity to kill his runner while taking the wit space. He lost many wits in this trade! Maybe he thought his opponent wouldn't do it because the runner was at 2hp, but he didn't know awpertunity could spawn a mobi. Here you see all the interest in counting the wits of your opponent!
 Turn 12 proves I was right about the medic. Torbreck moved it again to allow the sniper to come next to mobi. If you count, you can see he spent two extra wits to move the medic, only to heal the pre-given soldier!
 Turn 14 is very interesting and it's a crucial point to understand that I repeated many times in my coaching games. With this move, torbreck loses oine unit, awpertunity loses one unit. Torbreck spends 4 wits to kill the soldier. Awpertunity spends 0 to kill the runner. The soldier was worth 3 wits, the runner, one. That means, awpertunity won this trade by two wits. So even though it seems a cool move to do when you watch it, using two units to kill one and suck one back is almost always very wit unefficient.
Then follow some very cool action, torbreck commited too much while not destroying a lot of units which allowed awpertunity to crush him, and win the game.


A very cool game! But, there is not much to say about it. Indeed, I did not see any particular error or questionable move, except alvendor's. The problem in his strategy is that he constantly massed soldiers, without getting any snipe. This series of fun turns ended up in poweewee's advantage because he did have a sniper and used it extremely well. Always remember that 10 buffed soldiers are useless on this map, since there is simply not the space for them to do their job. An early special or an early sniper are two things you can go for when you play on this map. Well played poweewee, it was great to watch!


That was a blitz game! The strategy of cor was very powerful, this early bombshell would have dealt so many damages if his daddy hadn't rushed! Indeed, on this map, you have to get a sniper or any kind of special (except bramble) ASAP. The space there is so narrow that the splash damage of the bs, the teleportation of the mobi or the incredible threatening power of the scrambler are hyper mighty.
What is discutable is his daddy's reaction when he saw cor had an early bs. He all ined, he acted as against alvendor on glitch, but this time it couldn't work, because he really attacked with almost nothing. After such a suicidal strategy, cor could only win. ^^
Indeed, his daddy was in a tough position because cor got his bs sooner, but reatreating and, the next turn, getting himself a bs, was the best to do. Try this in your league games guys, you will be impressed how an early special is powerful on skull duggery!

Round 10: War Garden


The battle started in a very classic way, both players massing an army, and torbreck being the one pressuring his opponent. Things started to get interesting at turn 10, when LER4T put an unkillable bombshel which would be able, at the next turn, to deal very huge damages! Torbreck did not see it coming, wasted wits in a mobi that is gonna be fatal and he got crushed at turn 12, LER4T destroying three units while taking his opponent's wit space. Furthermore, he obliged his adversary to be in range of his bombshell if he wanted to defend!
Then followed very cool turns, torbreck defending as best as he could. He played pretty perfectly, but he didn't have enough wits to do everything he needed and could only lose to LER4T's amazing pressure.
Congratz to both players, a nice game to watch!


In this game, Sharugames managed to be on an agressive position very quickly. After, both players quietly set their armies up, and at turn 9 sharugames makes an awesome move. He obliged his opponent to be in his scrambler's range by taking poweewee's wit space. The problem of powee here is that he played defensivly as if sharugames was about to attack at the bottom, even though the agression was actually coming from the top. His answer turn 10 was, again, thought too quickly. The attack was not that bad, but since he knew (he had to) that a scrambler was behind, he couldn't expect to put his opponent in difficulty.
Sharugames response was once again very cool, because he kinda checkmated his adversary. Either poweewee got rid of the scrambler, or he prevented sharu from claiming his wit space, but he could not do both.
Then follows some great actions, both players doing their best to take the lead over each other. But we can say that powee was already done for from turn 12, because he missed ONE wit. With one more wit, he could have taken out the scrambler and the 4hp soldier on the wit space at the same time, and then taken back his wit space. That would have changed everything. And could he have done something to have one more wit? Probably on turn 4. He moved down his soldier because he feared a blitz attack. But such an attack was not possible, and he would have the units afterwards to completely defend against such a push. This battle is a great example of why each wit is crucial. Anyway, well played sharugames, some very cool decision making in this one!



The game starts in a classic way, each player deciding what role he will be playing. Indeed, on War Garden, you have to decide quickly if you get the offensive position and apply pressure on your opponent, or on the contrary stay in a defensive position. It can sometimes be confusing, because the defender is always near enough of his opponent to make a huge and efficient attack, even though he was at first not on an attacking position. Here, Trumpet is the one threatening, Cor is the one defending.
Turn 8, Trumpet attacks. As you can see, he doesn't deal great damages, only one soldier is destroyed. But, he expected to kill two: indeed, cor saw the attacking coming, and responded pretty well to this threat: he placed his 3 hp soldier behind all the others, so that trumpet wouldn't have the space required to place his own soldiers and kill more than one. Well done by him!
Thus, at turn 9, cor can defend pretty well, even though alan sent a bunch of units! But he does a mistake, he sends a soldier which had already been used, thinking he could hit with it. The counter is still very powerful, and trumpet didn't really have a way to directly defend against this. At turn 12, he does come back and gets even with cor (but without one wit space)!
All those efforts of defending have been thrown at turn 14, a desastrous turn. Alan saw everything, he saw the two soldiers moving at the left, he saw the runner trying to be sneaky, but didn't even protect his base against those three units ready to take the win. What a huge error! Well played by cor anyway! Smile

Round 11: Peekaboo


A short game for Peekaboo! Big Grin During the first part, alvendor takes a very offensive position with an army only composed of soldiers, while LER4T plays way more defensivly with a bombshell perfectly placed. Thus, alvendor is in a not so good shape, because his soldiers keep being hit by the mortar, and he is obliged to be a little wit unefficient. Also, at turn 12, he does a kinda risky move, with his 1hp scrambler. It was not soooo risky, because he didn't know about the 2hp runner, and an attack wasn't sooo expectable. If his plan paid off, he might have been able to take out the bs and deal some serious damage next to it!
But, sadly for him, LER4T felt something. He agressed, and you can guess how happy he was when he saw that vulnerable scrambler! Very well done from him!
Turn 19, LER4T throws down another bombshell. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to attack for Alvendor. But, at turn 24, he managed to make a really awesome attack! Kudos to him, because even if it doesn't really seem so here, it's hard to set up such a move. Sadly, the bombshell is so damn powerful, and alvendor's army is so damn packed, that the feedbacks are countered. Alvendor then tries to force the win, but LER4T isn't weakened enough, and he gives up at turn 28, because he doesn't have anything anymore compared to his opponent. GG guys!


A fun battle! Awpertunity started by a big mistake: he has put a heavy next to his medic. He spent a whole turn resources into something that has a lot of chances to be useless: indeed, if his opponent attacks on the other side, he will never have his heavy at the right place to defend with it, or he will need to spend other wits and take turns to move it. And, that's what happened after: sharugames moved to the right to apply pressure here. Awpertunity managed to defend pretty well, because he saw the attack coming before it started.
Turn 18 was very good from sharugames, because he has been able to scramble an unit, his scrambler and the scrambled unit being afterwards completely safe. He forced his adversary to be in a very uncomfortable position, and make mistakes, as he did when he suicided his sniper. Sharugames then used again his scrambler to incredibly threaten his opponent at the right, as he knows so well to do. (We can also see at this turn 22 a funny misclick from him, which didn't even destroy all his plan)
In the next turns, the scrambler has been the winning unit of the game. A scrambler that stays alive and scrambles many units kinda means a win for its owner, because the scrambling process is do damn powerful! Impressive play from sharugames, who forced his opponent to be in his special's range, and then make it to the win!



RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - Necrocat219 - 09-22-2013 03:18 AM

Great commentaries, these are really helping me and learnt a lot from them!

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - poweewee - 09-22-2013 11:26 AM

(09-21-2013 03:19 AM)Mag!cGuy Wrote:  
Round 8: Foundry


A nice game purely made of agressivity! After having a slight advantage given by his opening, torbreck managed to defend the hyper quick but weak attack from poweewee while sneaking a soldier at the top to take advantage of his units and positionning lead.
Powee defended pretty well, but he has done a crucial error that costed him the game at turn 12: he didn't guess another runner would try to finish off the base, thus killed the first one with a new runner which could have blocked the way of the hidden scout, instead of using the sniper. The champion is normally known for his awesomness in mind game, what happened in this turn?

I knew there was a runner there, and I had already planned defending against it, but for some reason, when I was making my turn, I COMPLETELY forgot about it. LOL

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - Mag!cGuy - 09-22-2013 06:31 PM

Glad to hear that necrocat! Smile

Lol powee, better luck next time Big Grin

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - [PETA] Cor13:4 - 09-25-2013 09:54 AM

Don't worry, Poweewee, everybody has off days. I expect next round you'll be whooping us again =)

I hope to do much better next time also.

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - L3R4T - 09-28-2013 07:10 AM

(09-21-2013 03:19 AM)Mag!cGuy Wrote:  LER4T's opening is not the most common, and I'm not a huge fan of it, because it is easily counterable. (its aim is to kill the sniper before it even got healed)
I don't agree with you, the aim is not to kill the sniper, maybe for beginners. The aim here is to push your oppenent to trade the runners and use his witts for that --> he has less witts to counter the sniper rush and as you have the FTA you will be the first to control the center.

(09-21-2013 03:19 AM)Mag!cGuy Wrote:  And LER4T could get a big advantage from this. But, I would say that, he didn't do the best here.

For sure it's a shame Dodgy after the Awpertunity's mistake I have been too confident, I thought the game was finished and I have just think about pushing and finish the game without thinking to my defense lol

(09-21-2013 03:19 AM)Mag!cGuy Wrote:  LER4T's amazing defense prevented awpertunity from taking the win.

Even if I did my maximum to calculate the best moves (sorry for the time I spent Awpertunity) I think he miss the victory on turn 16. In my opinion he has to kill my sniper with his sniper and kill the boosted runner with 2 new runners and my last runner with the heavy.

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - Torbreck - 09-28-2013 09:37 PM

I have to put in a shout to to Mag!c for organising and running the tourney. The games that I've played myself in the last few weeks (and those that we've all watched from each other) have been the most intense since I started this game.

While we do get matched against each other from time to time on the ladder it never happens that you get to play everyone in such a short space of time.

Well done mate.

RE: The Elite Championship - Season 1 - The Games - Come discuss about them! - Mag!cGuy - 09-29-2013 02:43 AM

Oh you are right LER4T, but during all my coaching battles players used to do this to kill my snipe, so I thought your goal was the same Smile Well so yeah it's a cool opening actually.

Thank you torbreck! I hope you guys don't mind for the comments not coming asap Smile