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RE: More Bombshell Trouble - Mag!cGuy - 06-05-2013 09:37 PM

Yup I changed of opinion lately Smile And I completely agree about trying the team you think is too powerful. But, you have to do it for a long time, because at first you are unexperienced with a team you ain't used to try and can lose more even though the team isn't worse at all. I'll take advantage of my alternate account. That means, when i reach let's say top 100: I play like this: 50 battles with scallies, 50 with feedback, 50 with veggies. Or maybe less I'll see!
As for the last quote about poweewee's game, well, this should be the 100th comment to say bombshell is extemely powerful on glitch! Tongue As for the scrambler, I couldn't know a soldier was there Smile But you're right, forgetting to avanc the snipe changed everything!

RE: More Bombshell Trouble - ElPared - 06-06-2013 10:49 AM

I've been playing S for a while now. I think the only games I haven't won were the ones where I didn't spawn a BS. Even the games where the BS was killed I won anyways because it cost my opponent so many wits and they lost too many units trying to kill it, giving me both a wit and unit advantage in the end.

granted this is in Gifted league, so who knows at higher levels :/ I'd post some replays if I'd saved them, but I didn't (I don't use OSN, probably should though :/)