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Outwitters Map Creator 1.2 - Harti - 01-09-2013 10:59 AM

OMC - Outwitters Map Creator

Changes (1.22):

  • Author and map names with special characters were erroneous in tables

Changes (1.21):

  • "Author list" description text told the wrong amount of total maps

UI Improvements
  • Added edit button for map description

Changes (1.2):

UI Improvements
  • Navigation bar now spreads over whole screen width
  • Navigation bar is now sticky to the top
  • Navigation bar uses icons to distinguish labels better
  • Table header is now sticky when scrolling down long tables
  • Table captions are now left-aligned instead of centered (so that it doesn't look odd with the wider navigation bar)
  • Dropped "Last Edited" column in tables
  • Added link to the OMC forum thread to the navigation bar

Performance Improvements
  • Tweaked database performance - tables should load a lot faster now
  • Tables only load in more results when necessary (standard amount is 50)

Changes (1.11):

New functionality
  • You can tag maps unfinished or fun maps
  • You can tag maps 2v2
  • New list: Fun maps
  • New list: 2v2 maps
  • You can change your rating if you change your mind.
  • You can edit map descriptions.

Changes (1.0):

  • now working on mobile browsers (tested in Safari & Chrome on iPad 3)
  • now working in Opera
  • now working in Firefox (although its JavaScript performance is rather bad, so "brush mode" will turn out to be very dysfluent)

UI improvements
  • Ambient design
  • Base placement with 1 instead of 7 clicks
  • Hold mouse down and move to place terrain like with a brush
  • Tidied up unit/terrain palette: Cycle through colors instead of having everything in there
  • Loading indicator while images are loading and/or application is busy
  • Cannot place units on unfit terrain
  • Unit is removed when terrain becomes unfit

New functionality
  • Author name
  • You can now rate maps
  • Browse latest/popular maps
  • Place Specials and Thorn Patches
  • Cycle through teams - look at the original Outwitters maps as if they were designed for another team!
  • Find authors with the most popular maps
  • "Forking": pick up a map idea and create a better version without need to know the password
  • Automatic PNG Image Export
  • Cycle through maps using backward/forward buttons

  • Adjusted hex grid to a more appropriate size to better fit the actual field size
  • More terrain options
  • Season support - each season map ratings can and maybe will be reset (while maintaining all old ratings)
  • Easier-to-remember domain -

Note: Due to major changes in the frontend (grid size & orientation), it was not at all possible to import any of the old map data. If you want to enter maps from the old into the new system you have to do so manually by e.g. putting two windows next to each other.
Another Note: May take longer than usual to load on mobile devices and upon the first visit.

Example Map - Sharkfood Island

Phew... so yeah, this is it! Keep bug reports and feedback incoming! I hope everything's working. I tested every unit throughout the development process but when I moved to another server it could well be that I forgot to change URLs or something.

Special thanks to Necrocat219 for beta testing and also to QuantumApocalypse for entering 11 out of the 12 Outwitters maps!

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - GoHeat 3 - 01-09-2013 11:06 AM

Works GREAT on Safari unlike before! Thanks so much Harti!

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - ImperialSun - 01-09-2013 11:08 AM

Nice! Looks much better and works on more platforms Big Grin

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - Judment - 01-09-2013 11:27 AM

Thank you so much Harti! Although, placing multiple bases over the top of each other is funny Smile

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - Necrocat219 - 01-09-2013 12:04 PM

Congrats on releasing it Harti Wink works like a charm

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - Harti - 01-09-2013 12:06 PM

Does the rating work? I wonder - because so many people have seen this thread and nobody but myself has voted at least on the official OML maps. Well, it hasn't been so long since I posted the thread but I wanted to know.

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - joelduque - 01-09-2013 12:09 PM

Harti, great work. Can you please add a delete map option? I made two Peekaboo forks and cannot delete them. Please delete them for me. Thanks.

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - game_taker - 01-09-2013 12:09 PM

brain blast!

A spot to make comments to maps that aren't yours.

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - Judment - 01-09-2013 12:10 PM

From what I can see ratings work fine. ( vote on SFI

Also, look at the standard maps in different templates, they feel like whole new maps

RE: [NEW] Outwitters Map Creator 1.0 - Harti - 01-09-2013 12:22 PM

(01-09-2013 12:09 PM)joelduque Wrote:  Harti, great work. Can you please add a delete map option? I made two Peekaboo forks and cannot delete them. Please delete them for me. Thanks.
Delete Map option sounds good. However, this could and will cause issues with maps that fork from a map. Maybe I could make it so only ones not having been forked could be removed.

With more people getting active on the OMC it's probably not that bad to have a couple of dead garbage maps around.

(01-09-2013 12:09 PM)game_taker Wrote:  A spot to make comments to maps that aren't yours.
That's a fairly good idea, but then again I'd too have to implement a delete function against spam and violent comments. But if the map owner was able to delete comments, they would have the power to remove constructive criticism. Thus, I'd have to create a moderator user group that'd regularly check maps for spam etc. and have them remove these comments.

All in all very many issues popping up after considering it. I'd rather prefer somebody posted a new thread on the forums for that. I could indeed a field for the forum thread URL so that the link appears when the map is viewed and people could click it to discuss it.