Have you lost notifications recently?
Notifications work just fine 2.70%
1 2.70%
They have never worked on my device 29.73%
Apple, Benjaa, bluharbour, calvinpark, Chezedude, HuskyPete, I am epic, jchris98, LegacyofEight, Poc 13, vaughn771
11 29.73%
They stopped working recently, OML fix this, please. 67.57%
$till, (Rone), .Memories., Alex78HD, baustin42, Chemoeum, collinj14, Crzychkn, Demon, ElPared, Joyleaf, Juslas, lawtai, Magnum, mr_13en, Pharmafan, Phyresis, Shadow, The Big Jalacktus, the duck, TheGreatAnt, tipat21, Xerozen, Zebsmattz, [PETA] Doodat
25 67.57%
Total: 37 vote(s) 100%
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